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I have just received an email from The Sprague Project. These updates used to arrive every month or so, but it is now two years since the last one.

I know the project is still alive and well, not least because of the webmaster, A. Arnold Sprague's, generous contributions to TNG users, but was becoming concerned that perhaps old age is creeping up on Dick Weber.

For those not familiar with the project, the Sprague Database has grown to include nearly 340,000 Sprague family members, The project has almost 2,400 active participants, and every time a new family is added, then the number of interested people increases, bringing more information and more queries, corrections and comments.

The result is that, instead of becoming more complete, the database grows exponentially.

For those not familiar with Dick Sprague - he is approaching his 78th birthday. And here lies his main concerrn, one I share.

What is to become of our websites when we are no longer able to maintain them?

Our ancestors wrote on paper; we write on 'clouds'. What will become of this vast depository of information that serves the current generation(s) so well? How should we be preserving our data for future generations?


William Douglas  

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