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My 2GGF was Franciszek Drachowski. I have been able to find very little about him. While perusing records on The Poznan Project, I came across one for "Franciscus Drochowski alias Szczepanka" (and two entries below this one is "my" Franciszek Drachowski). I have some DNA matches on MyHeritage that are Shchepansky's. How close is Szczepanka to Shchepansky? Could this be a lead? And why would this person have had an alias? Any thoughts here are appreciated!

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Comment by CJ Scott on January 19, 2022 at 7:04am
Hi Barbara. One thing that I have learned so far is that to always track where you have researched even if it's not correct information. In this situation and in my own experience it was common for immigrants from other countries to change the spelling of their names to help others spell it or pronounce it properly. I would not rule out anything. The example that you've presented is what I have experienced as well where the surname on records was spelled Cz and other records showed Ch so again I wouldn't rule out anything as long as the location makes sense based on where your other ancestors came from.
I am very interested in how you make out.

Good luck.



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