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My Maternal Grandmother's Mother was a Franklin, and I've not gotten very far with her family.  Not in comparison to some of my other family lines.  I say "I", but it's actually been a concerted effort with some cousins.  Here's what I know about the Franklin family.


Maudie Lee Franklin was born Jun 15, 1887 in Jonathan Creek, Haywood County, NC and she died Jan 20, 1971 in Canton, Haywood County, NC.  She was married to Robert Gaston Pressley.  They lived in Haywood County, NC all of their lives, and so did their children for the most part.


The children of Gaston and Maudie Pressley:

Taft William Pressley b: Aug 22, 1909 Canton, NC d: July 28, 1984 Waynesville, NC

Joseph Earnest Pressley b: Mar 13, 1912 Canton, NC d: Dec 1, 1992 Canton, NC

Harden Fanning Pressley  b: Nov 14, 1914 Canton, NC d: Feb 21, 1982 Buncombe Co.,NC

Council Robert Pressley  b: May 2, 1917 Canton, NC d: Oct 10, 1967  Canton, NC

Clarcie Avis Pressley  b: Nov 16, 1919  Canton, NC d:  May 2, 1971  Canton, NC

Addie Lou Pressley  b: Oct 27, 1925 Canton, NC d:  Aug 1, 2011 Canton, NC


Maudie Franklin's father was George C. Franklin and besides having what I believe to be his parent's names, he is my brick wall.  George Franklin was born Nov 1849 (probably in McDowell County,NC or nearby County) and died in 1927 in Haywood County, NC.  HIs wife was Emiline Eula Griffin b: Aug 4, 1857 (maybe McDowell County too), d: Oct 8, 1925.


Their children were:

Isaac Calvin Franklin  b: Aug 11, 1873  NC d: June 22, 1947 Clyde, Haywood, NC

Mary Franklin  b: Jan 3, 1879  NC d: Jan 11, 1954 Canton, Haywood, NC

Margaret Franklin  b: Dec 1881 NC d: July 12, 1921  Mualer, Henderson, NC

Mattie Franklin  b: Sep 22, 1883 NC  d:  Jan 22, 1943 Jonathan Creek, Haywood, NC

Maudie Franklin  b: Jun 15, 1887 NC  d: Jan 20, 1971 Canton, Haywood, NC

George Hardin Franklin b: April 24, 1890 NC d: Nov 5, 1974 Canton, Haywood, NC 

Robert Martin Franklin b: Feb 14, 1892 NC  d:  April 15, 1976  Waynesville, NC

Sherman Weaver Franklin  b: April 19, 1898 NC  d: May 4, 1976  Canton, Haywood, NC


May 1849 George Franklin was born.  Somewhere in NC, probably McDowell County, NC.

Dec 31 1870  George Franklin married Emiline Eula Griffen in McDowell County, NC.

1880 Census: George and Emily are found in Barkers Creek, Jackson County, NC

1900 Census:  George and family were living in Jonathan Creek, Haywood County, NC

1927:  George's death


That's all the information I have on George's timeline right now.  Except for his marriage record which says that his father was Ezekiel Franklin and his mother was Dianna.  Also I found a Matilda Franklin who married a Jack White in McDowell County, NC and her father was listed as Zeke Franklin.  She was born close to the time that George was, and it says that her father Zeke was born in Cleveland County, NC.  So that gives me a few leads to follow..


Picture of George Franklin


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