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Ok, my Great Great Grandmother was Emeline Eula Griffin and she was called Emily.  I have some information on her family but not a lot.  I definitely have her mother's name as she appears in more than one census with Emily, but she is a widow.  There's one census with a possible father.  Here's what I've got.


Emily Griffen was born Aug 4,1857 in North Carolina (possibly McDowell County) and died Oct 8,1925 in Haywood County, NC.  She was married to George Franklin (another brick wall) on Dec. 31, 1870 in McDowell County, NC.  And I know this means she was only 13 and I hope that one of these dates is wrong.  In this marriage record it lists her mother only as Ibbie Griffen.


Emily Griffen's death certificate has an Ibba Griffen listed as her mother and no one listed as her father.


Various forms of the name Ibbie/Ibba/Ibby Griffen show up in census records in North Carolina.  The first one with a variation of the name is in 1850 in McDowell Co., NC.  And this is the only one with a possible husband.  They're living with another family by the name of Huffstuttler.  The HOH being Henry Huffstuttler, his wife and several children.  Then John Griffen born about 1832, Ibby Griffin born about 1823 and a daughter Zilpha L. Griffin who was 0.


In 1900 a census from Jonathan Creek, Haywood, NC shows Ebba C Griffin b. March 1826 NC Widowed had 4 children all living.  Louisa Z. Griffin was living with her, and was single with 2 children also in the household.  John W. Griffin born about 1883 and Mary E. Griffin born about 1889.


And here's a death certificate of a "Lou Griffin" I found: 

Birth Certificate

Lou Griffin

died July 21,1935 Haywood, NC

estimated birth year 1855

burial date July 23, 1935 Hemphill, NC

residence: Waynesville, NC


80 yrs old

birthplace: McDowell, NC

mother:  Ibbie Griffin

mother's birthplace:  McDowell

In a

1880 Census: Jonathans Creek, Haywood, NC
Ibba C Griffen

b about 1827 NC

She was living with her son John Griffen and his wife Rachel L Griffen.

John was born about 1858 in NC and his father was born in Virginia


Sorry, I know it's too much to read all this.  But could someone help me figure this out.  All of these people listed are a dead end for me.  Advice?  Help?  Also, there may be a Native American connection.  Because my Grandmother told me that her Great Grandmother was Cherokee.  This is her Great Grandmother Emily Griffen.



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