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My Pressley Ancestors of North Carolina

In 1998 or 99, when I first mentioned to my Grandmother, we called her Mammaw, that I was researching our genealogy she didn't show much interest in any of it.  She told me that if she didn't know them then she didn't care, and then she proceded to tell me about her family.  Just as I thought I'd gotten all the information she'd give me, then she'd surprise me and tell me more.  She loved her family and wanted to talk about their stories and all she could remember.  I was very close to Mammaw and she was a loving and caring person.  And starting with her side of the family made sense to me. 


My Mammaw was Addie Pressley, daughter of Robert "Gaston" Pressley and Maude Lee Franklin.  They lived in Haywood County, NC.  Where they raised their families and stayed their entire lives.  As many generations before them.  Or so it's true for Gaston, not so for my Great Grandmother Maude.  But we're concentrating this post on the Pressleys.


Robert Gaston Pressley was the son of Margaret Pressley and from what I learned a Robert Swanger who wasn't a part of my Great Grandfather's life. 


Robert Gaston Pressley b: 14 Aug 1885 in Haywood County, NC.  d: 7 Feb 1951 in Pigeon Township, (now known as Canton) Haywood County, NC


Margaret Pressley b: 26 Apr 1867 in Pigeon, Haywood County, NC d: 22 Feb 1946  Pigeon, Haywood County, NC.  She was the daughter of William "David" Pressley/Presley and Eliza Emeline Henson.


William David Presley b: 1821 Pigeon, Haywood County, NC  d: 1893 Pigeon, Haywood County, NC


David Presley is my brick wall with the Presley family.  I read somewhere he was a Junior.  So if that is true, we can assume there was a William David Presley Sr..  I've not found him yet. 


Note:  The spelling of the Pressley name did change.  Some of the family spelled it with one s and some two.  Now it's only with two s's in our particular branch of the family.


Pictured below:  Robert Gaston Pressley, my Great Grandfather

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