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The other day I wrote a report on where one can find more data on the military member in the family now or in the past. 

Yesterday I received another magazine called the Military Officer  Never Stop Serving.  This one discussed underwater discoveries (shipwrecks). It also had article about Major Richard Star's Brave Fight. pg 60. Other articles also. 

New Sources

As we are catching up with deaths in family, I found new sources to look at for information to locate kin.
Some of it I have lived with daily almost.

FRA the Fleet Reserve Association posts quarterlies and monthlies and is loaded with data for people looking for the
retired, deceased or alive serviceperson.

Now they are not the only group of military that produce bullitens and data. 

I know the FRA posts deceased names.  Also runs stories of events and activities of the past as well as the upcoming events.

As I comprehend this, each Branch does this so if you know of the group you may be able to garner more knowledge.

Another Magazine is: "The American Legion (the magazine for a strong America)"
Their last magazine had for a topic:  Path of Life (the National Native American Veterans Memorials Meaning.}

There were two other very interesting topics all about the service people of the past.

This magazine has been out there since 1919.

Does our Libraries carry them??  Of course, ours are not open.  Other places they are open for access with proper behavi

The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation puts out an super quarterly. 

Yes, one of my husbands units was recognized in it this time what a surprise to us all.

I am sure that the Air Force and the Army must surely do the same. 

Also if you visit one of the museums they have quarterlies also.  We have one for the Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.  I just can not lay hands on it at the momment.

  Husband toured the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio and was very impressed would love to go spend a couple days there at least.  Another he was stationed next to and has gone back to visit is: Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, Fl.

 I enjoy going to our own military affiliated Museum in Balboa Park.  It is amazing the things that will trigger you to recall things in your families past.

Hoping you look at what is out there under our noses.

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