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How many of  us really know our American History.  ??? Amazed at how the Genealogical Community is shy of historical information on tracking down the missing pieces.  OOO no not everyone, but we need to get the word out that our history is very important to our research and survival.  

 Younger generations than mine were not given even as much as I was in the 50's regarding our true history and how things began and what was planned and alas we all seem to think we know the results.  

  When getting into L of C documents and formal papers and reading the old records on some of our nations event our history books were very misleading at times. 

  When tracking your family during a War period are you able to get the right information regarding the reason for or the end results.?

  Dick Eastman helped to jar my brain with his mention of Southerners going to Brazil, after the CW, growing  up next to two families that were descendants of those people.  Did I ever think of it while doing research no. But it may explain why you are not finding whom you seek.

Several Southerners went to Brazil to seek fame and fortune, They were invited by Brazil. Many came back after it did not turn out as planned but many stayed in Brazil.  Google Dick Eastman's blog on it get link from my other blog.

For the Civil War you need to read the War College Records, reports and documents. Or a book that references them to learn some not obviously well known facts.  

Why Did the WAR start? What was the WAR COLLEGES purpose for the War?  Who was chosen by whom to lead who? The list goes on.  

I was amazed at what I learned about some of the key military people and their roles before and then after the war. 

Actually felt better about some of  our ancestors after reading the truer stories.

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Comment by Cheryl V. Jarvis on July 28, 2020 at 5:20pm

I have three copies of a very old set of history books.  I intend to keep one set but I am going to sell the other two sets.  The name of the set is “Our Country”, it was published in 1895, and written by Benson J. Lossing.  It covers from the founding of America up to July of 1876.  It is a beautiful set of non-revisionist history books in three volumes. I believe our history to be important and lost upon those who are young.


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