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Kathryn Brannigan Walizer

Oldies But Goodies

Years ago when genealogy first appeared on the net, there was  what was called a genealogy web ring that was built up by  various sites from individuals with a passion for genealogy facts and figures. and  of the early sites was

 I decided to revisit this site and was amazed at the changes. What started out as a simple site listing various facts of the 50 states ha blossomed out to a site with links to thousands of sites and over 250,000 genealogy facts.

On this site you will find Free Charts, Genealogy Records. that include links to Biographies, Cemetery records, Census records, DNA, Family Tree search, History books, Online, military records, Native American records, Surnames, Vital records, and World genealogy,
 I Know, hard to believe all this links on one site.

The State links offer an even greater access to records one might need to work on your family history research, for instance. the Pennsylvania link brings up over 32 links of various area's including Military record and Cemetery records.

Once you find a link that you think might be of help to you and click on it will bring you to the web site of help, say roots web.
Looking over the list I found Korean War casualty lists, Vietnam War casualty list, World War II casualty lists, World War I lists and many other not easily found.
Now a word of warning some of the links do take you paid sites like but at least you know where the information is stored on the net.

Give this site a really good look I am sure whatever you are looking for you will find here or at least be pointed to the right direction to find the facts that you need.

Another site that has been around for over 10 years is my friend Dae Powell’s site
 This site has recently gone though major changes, He has changed servers and now sports a whole new appearance, but fear not all the  FREE information
is still there but now is much easier to access. I want to make note that under presentations Dae
lists many of his columns that appear in noted genealogy papers.

Dae also loves to provide us with as much FREE information that he can possibly cram into his site. Be sure to check out the quizzes section for a little genealogy trivia and fun.

These two old but goodies will keep you busy, I am sure for a long time and be sure to bookmark them to return to them from time to time to check for new information.

Enjoy !!

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Comment by Dae Powell on August 10, 2011 at 7:54am

Many thanks, Kathryn.  BTW, there is a new form introduced there, too.  Check it out!  And please sign up for our Weekly Chats Reminder -- right column near the top.


Happy Dae·


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