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Hello from the name is Janet Vanderpool.I am looking for my Grandmother's Grob family in Germany.She was Katherine Grob born in 1877 on May 30 in Steinsfurt,Germany.HER PARENTS:Johann Grob and Katherine (Weiser),married in the Evangelical Reformed church in Steinsfurt in 1871.Johann was born in 1851,married Katherine in 1871,and died in 1942.All events are thought to be in Steinsfurt.Katherine was born in 1850 and died in 1885.Johann married again(Susanna Kistler born 1855).Susanna was not thought to have been born in Steinsfurt.I have found information to follow this Grob line in the Sinsheim-Steinsfurt parish records 1822-1870.This information proves that Grob is the right last name for my Grandma(often called Kate)before she married.THE INFO that I want would be in the parish or civil registries from 1871 on.They would have info about Johann Grob,his two wives and birth,death and marriage info about their offspring.This is the information that I want.INFO THAT I KNOW and have proven i  the parish records:Johann Grob was the youngest of the children of Georg Jakob Grob and Philippine Elisabeth Walter.They had 5 children.Johann was the only one of them who lived and died in Germany.The others settled in the USA in Illinois.Georg Jakob Grob was born in Steinsfurt on 23 Dec 1808,died in 1877.He married Philippine Elizabeth Walter on 20 March 1836.She was the daughter of Johann Georg Walter and Katharina Barbara Yingert.Philippine was born 13 Jan 1811,Steinsfurt,Died  02 Aug 1880 in Germany.GROB/WALTER 5 CHILDREN:Katharina Margaretha born 1836,Susanna,born 1838,Adam,born 1844,Georg,born 1847,and Johann,born in 1851.I have all the information on this family but of Johann and wives.I hope my info that I know will help someone there find their family here.And I hope that someone there will help me find my Grandma's family there.I search because Grandma died in 1971 not knowing if her family in Germany lived or died in WW2.Thank you for your time.My e-mail address contact me at this address.Sincerely,Janet Vanderpool

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