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If I ask you where is Bucklebury?  You probably now have some knowledge that Bucklebury is a village in Berkshire (pronounced bark-sheer) England where Her Royal Highness, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, (a.k.a. Kate Middleton) is from. 
Before and after the grand Royal wedding of Prince William to his beloved Kate, thousands of people have flocked to the small West Berkshire village, of just over 2000 residents, hoping to get a glimpse of this magical place where a commoner can be raised and become a princess.
Bucklebury is definitely one of those quintessential English Villages verified by it’s open Common aptly named Bucklebury Common, which is open & free space to all “commoners” i.e. the general population of the village to use.  And of course no British village would be complete without the main public house and historical Church.    Depsite it’s recent press and newly written history, Bucklebury has a very royal and documented history dating back to the Domesday Book and the Royal Manor of Bucklebury owned by Edward the Confessor during his reign in the 11th Century.   The same can be said about thousands of villages across England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales if you think about it.
Mayfield, East Sussex, England © Julia Coppard

My own "Bucklebury" is the historical and beautiful wealden village of Mayfield in East Sussex.  The village has a stunning High Street still adorned with shops and small cottages dating back to the Tudor period in the 1500s.  Having left Mayfield for over 10 years,  I now realize I didn’t truly value growing up in a historic English village.  When I return now, I can’t wait to soak up all its historical gems, visit the old pub, pay my respects to my ancestors in the church graveyard and marvel at how much of the main village has remained the same for generations and hopefully will for more generations to come.
Having been researching my own family tree and villages of my ancestors for several years, I realize not only do I have a lot of villages to still visit myself,  but that everyone like me also has multiple “Bucklebury’s” in their ancestral past all just waiting to be rediscovered and past stories brought back to life!  

Why would so many people rush to Bucklebury and not want to visit the villages where their own ancestors were born, went to church and raised their families – all whom are blood relations and with whom a true connection is shared? 
So how do you find your own “Bucklebury” you ask?
Start with your direct family ancestry and start learning about your family history .  Start with either your mother or father’s family information, get online & start a free 14 day trial to one of the many genealogy sites.  Once you have a good idea of where your family hailed from, start planning visits back to the villages of your ancestors.  If your geographical knowledge or available research time is limited get someone to do your genealogy research for you!  For more details Ancestors in England can help offers many links to start your free trial or find genealogy resources.
If you wish to research villages in Ireland or mainland Europe or 

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