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Do you Belong? NEHGS? NGS? or your local society?


 Hi everyone,

  Yes, the big question is,"do you belong?"   If you  have been doing research for at least one year, you have been getting your feet wet.  You are learning the ropes and it is time to step up for some real help.

  Having advocated one should belong to your local society for many years now, I am asking do you belong to yours?

  Last time I asked this, responses were our society died, no one helps others, we do not have one. Those were the biggest feed back answers I received.

  Ok, maybe if you joined you could make the difference: the help and no help attitude, are they over stretched or just stuck dealing with themselves?   Sad to say I have been to a couple that were that way in the 80's and early 2000's.

Having a friend in the Carolina's that said she retried and gave up, broke my heart.   

  If not maybe join some of the above mentioned major Societies because so far they seem to be geared towards helping those in need.  I did not mention all of them but all those I have used have been great. Even long distance, getting their quarterly and news updates are helpful and encouraging.

Having mentioned NGS which is National Genealogical Society  and New England Historical Genealogical Society,New England Historic Genealogical Society. The article by Diane Rapaport on Scots for Sale is very interesting names of early shipped Scots to America.

are two that most people are at least familiar with.  

  If you have Virginia research there are many sources on line or by writing that will help you.

  Love using this one for Virginia:Virginia Pioneers - Virginia Genealogy: Buckingham Co. Virginia Ima....  Oh yes there is one for each county and the state archives is available also.

  Subscribe to GA, VA, NC, SC, KY Genealogy Websites

  Or you may want to join this site for  

It posts events being held all over at various times and maybe something will be near you.   is a great site for Maryland research.  

 I like to use but not all state sites are kept current.  

Cyndi's List - Wikis for Genealogy

 Millions of sites all over the world are out there to be found.

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