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You Missed It.

No not the moon but the workshop.  We had a smaller than hoped for attendance but those who came were rather surprised at the ease of learning how to help the family become involved with family and not even think about it.

Thanksgiving event, a nice clean tablecloth and a permanent ink marker and have everyone sign the tablecloth.Make sure you date it and it then can be come a keepsake for future family members to use.  Some say do it in groups, a signing for this year and then the next doing all four corners.  You are gathering signatures from every one.  From little to elderly.  Baby's you can draw around their hand or foot.

Same thing applies for Xmas.  We had one attendee who said Halloween was big for them and she was going to do it for Halloween.   

No large family then try for Pillow and write names on pillow.  

Wedding coming make a duvet and pillow cover at a shower doing the same thing. Extra large sheet, sew two sides and top together leaving bottom open after the top cover has been signed at the shower. Snaps or ties on the bottom and 

put with decorated pillow cases to match as a gift.  Birthday or Anniversary the same applies.

Next tip soon.  Susi

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