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My Louisiana Roots of Kentucky

A paternal fourth cousin and me have been coyly corresponding via email. We first met on a DNA site called 23 and me in which a participant submits a test tube of their saliva and the company electronically sends the autosomal results of the individual's ancestral origins. An autosomal test will show both maternal and paternal relatives in a persons ancestry. Fortunately, I was able to talk my dad into performing a test, my mom having been deceased years ago. This fourth cousin matches me on…


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Separating De Graffenried from the Wheat, and the Bells

Oliver BELL *Interview with Oliver Bell* --Ruby Pickens Tartt, Livingston__ALABAMA _DE BES' FRIEND A NIGGER EVER HAD_ "I was borned on De Graffenreid Place," he said, "nine miles west of Livingston-Boyd Road. My mother was Luella De Graffenreid an' my pappy was Edmund De Graffenreid. Den dey changed my name to BELL. I had one brother, Nat, an' two sisters, Jestina, and CLARA. I has 'bout sixteen chilluns, all born on de same place an' most of dem is livin' dere…


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