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Anyone have any old photos of their ancestors? This is one of a few,

Left to right and top to bottom,

Edwin Stead Brigham, 1851-1934
Worswick Ovo Vickenage Otto Williams, went by Ovo, 1877-1973
Isaac Ventnor St.George Williams, 1875-1940's
John Hugh Brigham, 1863-1940

Isaac was my great-great-grandfather, Ovo was his younger brother, Edwin was their mother Annie's younger brother, and John was Annie and Edwin's cousin.

I think this photo may have been taken in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1913, but I'm not for sure.

Anyways, post away!

And here is another, of my great-great-great-grandfather Isaac Ventnor Williams, 1850-1922,

The picture was ripped from a poster about his entertainment troupe that he toured with.

-Ryan Williams

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