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An ancestor of mine was in 1 State  Troop MS Co D according to the records I received. has  Pvt Edward Dunning (my ancestor) as in 1st Infantry Reg MS.  Does any know if this is the same company?





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Thanks for looking. I paid for the Father's paper Edward Dunning Sr, but got his son's paper (2 pages) Jr enlisted 1864 at age 15, he was a student. He did survive. I just don't want to assume that the military groups are the same.
Thank you again.
I did a quick look through Footnote and didn't see anything. I'll take a closer look later.
How about these papers :)

These are the ones you already have,right?
Still looking to see if there are papers for his father
Yes, that is the son that was 15 years old. The father's name is Edward also. I could never find anything on Edward Sr. Sometimes I know when you order military records you don't get everything. Like someone said, it depends on who looks up the records. I really appreciate all your help!!
Are there other Dunnings related in MI? I saw a lot of military records for them. If any are connected I can look them up on
Yes, there are other Dunnings in MS. I have a feeling Edward Sr was killed or came up missing. There is no record of him after the war.
Are they related?
Yes, the men in the MS and AL confederate units are brothers, uncle and nephews. The Dunning came from Mobile to Lowndes County, MS just before the war started. Some stayed in Mobile.
ok....I'll see what I can find on them and let you know.
Thank you so much for all your help. This has been difficult. I don't think there is no other people researching the Dunning family!
Quick look shows:
Ham’s Regiment, Cavalry, T-Y AND Hughes’ Battalion, Cavalry » D » Dunning, Hugh L
Tenth Cavalry, A-G » D » Dunning, Francis H
Fourteenth Infantry, Ch-E » D » Dunning, Wayman
Ninth Infantry, Dr-Ha » D » Dunning, L
Twenty-eighth Cavalry, C-E » D » Dunning, Jno H
First (King's) Infantry (State Troops), A-K » D » Dunning, John
These guys are all from Mississippi



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