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 I would like to know what the significance of the number above the name on this tombstone is. I am

assuming that it is tied to a service record.  The person in question died during the Civil War and if

this number can be tied to documents,  I would appreciate it if someone would let me know.


tombstone, Daniel Gleason, Nashville, TN

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On my husband's civil war ancestor's tombstone it indicated the company he served in.  In our case it was Company B, 113 Ohio Infantry.
I just realized that this site does not allow links from their own site.  So, here is the photo.
Could be the grave site number? Do you have his civil war records? If he died during the civil war his papers should tell you his cause of death, burial place along with the grave site number.


   hello - actually no I do not have his war records and have never located them.  I do know that he died in 1862 of wounds sustained during battle.  One thing that I cannot figure out is how Daniel (dead) made his way to Tennessee, when he died in Annapolis, Maryland.

Daniel Gleason
Residence: Calhoun County, Michigan
Age at enlistment: 29
Enlistment Date: 9 Oct 1861
Rank at enlistment: Private
Enlistment Place: Tekonsha, MI
State Served: Michigan
Survived the War?: No
Service Record: Enlisted in Company E, Michigan 1st Infantry Regiment on 14 Sep 1861.
Mustered out on 14 Jan 1862 at Annapolis Junction, MD.
Birth Date: abt 1832
Sources: Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers 1861-65

  I believe that I have just discovered a Civil War curiosity.  I now suspect that the person buried in "Daniel Gleason's" grave isn't Daniel at all, however it may be his younger brother

Eli, who went missing in action at Stone River, TN and there is no further record.  Which means that if this is true, then Daniel is most likely buried somewhere in Annapolis, MD.  

ah a mystery!



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