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Looking for any geneology that leads backward from Frank L. and his siblings. Ray wasthe son of William and Iona Hess Thompson. William was the son of Adelbert and Elsie Duers Thompson. Adelbert was the son of Prentiss and Caroline Mattice ( Cutler, Avery Patterson) Thompson, It stalls at Prentiss but I have been able to find extensive leads on Mattice and Vroman side behind Caroline. Any help would be appreciated. ** (Effie Ann Post, Born in Hope, Michigan, USA on 24 Apr 1890 to Frank C Post and Flora Hitchcock. Effie Ann Post married Ray (mond) Thompson and had 8 children. She passed away on Apr 1973. Parents: (Frank C Post 1866-Unknown, Flora Hitchcock 1867-Unknown)  Spouse: Ray (mond) Thompson 1889-1959 Children: Buelah Flora Thompson (Meiser) , Burt Thompson, Dorothy E Thompson (Schlagenhauf) , Elsie Thompson, Ivan Thompson, Mervin Thompson, Norma Thompson, Frank L Thompson 1912-1984)

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