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This is going to include a section of an email I received from Trevia Wooster Beverly, bolded words and underlining by me:

The cemetery now has development going on around it. The developer (Coventry) is aware of it, as is Exxon who has property adjacent. The HCHC has been trying to get all our cemeteries designated, at least, and hopefully marked in order that we do not continue to loose them to the elements of time and through development. When we can’t find a sponsor to submit the application for designation to the Texas Historical Commission (THC) then I try to take care of it. (that depends on how many at any given time because there is a $25 filing fee plus eventual filing with the county). I hope to find some organizations that have an interest in preserving Harris County Cemeteries who would “adopt” one of them.

Anyway, what I am doing now is working on the Monk Cemetery and collecting all the notes I’ve had over the years, information I received from the family, and anything else I can lay my hands on in order to come up with an accurate and reasonably complete historical narrative, maps, photos, etc.

Giving you credit, of course, I’d like to use the material you have on Find-A-Grave to intersperse with my information, and also use your photographs to submit with the application. I would like to get some current photographs, and will try.

I have not begun to fill out the THC application for designation yet, but would be happy to share it with you if you are interested.

~ Trevia

Trevia Wooster Beverly

2507 Tannehill Drive

Houston, Texas 77008-3052


Harris County Historical Commission (1995-) -

Clayton Library Friends (1987-) -

Advisory Board, Baytown Historical Preservation Assoc. -

Association of Professional Genealogists -

(Conference Coordinator) Angelina College Genealogy Conference -

This cemetery on Findagrave: Monk Cemetery

If any one wants to get involved with this cemetery ie. sponsoring the cemetery, helping to offset the filing fees or in any way wish to assist Trevia, please let her know!

I have pointed Trevia to Annette Lowe who is related to William Carroll Teal and has done a great amount of research on the background of the land and cemetery.

Please let us know if you are interested in assisting with this project in any manner.

Thank you!

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