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I am trying to find Alfred and Anna Carlson, who lived in Skovde, Gotseland, Sweden. They had a son named Hjlamar George Carlson 7-24-1891 to 1973. This is my ggrandfather. I am trying to find anything about his parents and back. Any help would be great. I know  Hjalmar went to the USA in 1910 to New York and I have the family from there, just not back.

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Serena, may I suggest that  you also post this request to "Skaraborg County Ancestry" on GenealogyWise. That group specializes in research in your family area, The moderator is very good.

Have you looked at any of the church books for Skövde?   In general, you can access them thru (a no-fee site) or thru, SVAR or (all fee sites). Your local FamilySearch family history center will probably have in-library free access with Ancestry or ArkivDigital.

Any more details about their marriage or exactly where they lived in Sweden (exact parish).  I will look when I get to the library.

They got married 2-8-1922 in Wausa, Nebraska, I think.

Hjalmar was born in Istrum (Skaraborgs län).

Father: Johan Alfred Karlsson born in Istrum 1860-04-28.

Mother: Anna Sofia Svensson born in Elgarås 1861-08-17

They got married 1888-04-14

Brother: Gustaf Birger born in Istrum 1889-09-11

Brother:John Waldemar born in Vättlösa 1892




Gustaf Adolf Ferdinand ~~ Födelse [born] 8 Februari 1864 inom [in] Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige [Sweden]

:His father: Sven Johan Isaksson [born] 5 December 1828 [in] Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige

His mother: Christina Sophia Jonsdotter [born] 28 Juni [June] 1830 [in] Mellby, Jönköping, Sverige

sister: Christina Lovisa [Louisa, I think] ~~ Födelse [born] 18 Augusti 1854 inom [in] Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige

sister: Karolina Sofia Svensdotter ~~ Födelse 14 April 1857 inom Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige

brother: Carl Anders~~ Födelse 23 September 1859 inom Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige

  • then comes Gustav Adolph

    • sister: Hedda Emilia~~ Födelse 11 April 1868 inom Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige

Karolina's family:

Karl August Johansson~~ Födelse 10 Augusti [Aug.] 1850 inom Vetlanda, Jönköping, Sverige husband

5 children:

Child #1 Hilda Sofia Karlsson~~ Födelse 30 November 1885 inom Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige

Child #2: Jenny Matilda Karlsson~~Födelse 4 maj [May] 1888 inom Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige~~ Avled [died] 30 maj [May] 1969 inom Eksjö, Jönköpings län, Sverige

Jenny married :

Child #3: Ellen Maria Karlsson~~Födelse 2 april 1891 inom Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige

Child #4: Adolf fredrik Karlsson~~Födelse 3 Augusti 1894 inom Höreda, Jönköping, Sverige

  • Jenny's husband:

  • Eber Gustaf Landgren~~ Födelse 26 april 1877 inom Eksjö stadsförsamling, Jönköping, Sverige; ~~ Avled 12 oktober [Oct.] 1959 inom Eksjö, Jönköpings län, Sverige

    • looks like they had only 2 sons:

    • Nils Eber Landgren~~ Födelse 18 Februari [Feb.] 1915 inom Eksjö, Jönköpings län, Sverige; ~~ Avled [died] 10 juni [June] 2000 inom Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige 
    • Stig Gustaf Landgren~~Födelse 18 April 1926 inom Eksjö, Jönköpings län, Sverige; ~~ Avled [died] 13 Feb. 2001 inom Eksjö, Jönköpings län, Sverige

Stig got married and had three children that are alive to this date.



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