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Madison Twp. Records, Treasurer's Office, Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio, 1864

Received of the following persons the sum of four dollars each being to secure exemption from performance of military duty for the year 1864. N.G. Ogled - Treasurer.

-07/18: D.B. Huff, Wilson Thompson

-07/23: David Long, Wilson Long, Geo. Poppom, Charles Applegate, John W. Kemp

-07/25: Charles Sheibert, Mich' H. Bower, John Reiss

-07/27: Jno S. Banker, Peter Huntsburger, James Snyder, Jacob Augspurger, Christian

Augspurger, Nicholas Augspurger, Moses Augspurger, Josiah Imhoff

-07/30: David Gebhart, Jacob Miller, Henry Crout, David Shartle Jr., Wm. C. Iams?,

Benjamin Goutohe, Henry Goutohe, Joseph Myers, Andrew Shertz, Christian

Augspurger, Wm. B. Schenck, Levi Troyer

-08/01: Fredrick Berk

-08/02: John L. Long, John M. Debolt, Peter Temple, Samuel Kemp, Jacob Hoover

-08/04: Geo' Echest, G.N. Anderson

-08/06: Henry Brill, J.P. Eckert, J.C. Augspurger, Peter Young, Christian Ehresman,

Cummingham Miller, B.F. Thomas

-08/08: Thomas McAdams, Newton Long, William Kemp, William Dill, Arther

Weidriver, Robt Beach, Adam Hoclssier, John Schell, Jno Wall, Jno Helscher,

Adam Shafor, William Iuce

-08/09: Martin Gabb, Leonard Gabb, Martin Clark, Henry Martin, Andrew Zeller, K.H. Schmidt, Henry

Baker, Charles Becker, Adam Ebely, Michael Schmidt, John Keister

Take care,
J. Larry Helton, Jr.
(from a mailing list I am on.)
Morningstar/Coon Cemetery

Day property, 7468 Franklin-Madison Rd., Franklin Twp., Warren Co., Ohio - wooded area
-has been listed as the Barkalow/Barkelow Cemetery, named for who were later landowners in that area.
-there is a Barkalow Cemetery in a landlocked parcel at the Atlas Roofing Corp., 675 Oxford Rd., Franklin Twp., Warren Co., Ohio.
-has been listed as being in Madison Twp., Butler Co. but it is across the road in Franklin Twp.
-some stones have been repaired with mortar making bits of the inscriptions unreadable.
-several stone pieces and unmarked graves.
-visited & transcribed by J. Larry Helton, Jr. on November 18, 2008.

1.) Unreadable "verse", possibly in another language (German?); In memory of J.G.M. Morningstar, born June 18, 1768, died April 23, 1841, aged 73 years, 9 mo. & 29 days.

2.) Elizabeth, wife of John Morningstar, Sep. 10, 1822, foot stone - E.M.

3.) Rachel Ann, daughter of John & Mary Morningstar, died Feb. 26 1854, died 2 weeks & 4 d's.

4.) My husband's grave, John Morningstar, died June 6, 1864, 41 ys., 8 mo. & 24 d.. foot stone - J.M.

5.) In memory of John Coon who departed this life Oct. 10, A.D. 1836 in the 71 y. (1/2 stone)

6.) In memory of Susannah wife of John Coon who departed this life July 22, 1841 the 75th year of her.

7.) /unreadable/ of Samuel son of George and Susanna /unreadable/ A.D.

8.) OPHLAH, O1 bya /unreadable/ 1O (hand carved)

9.) In memory of John son of Peter and Rachel, TE M/unreadable/LE who departed this life (1/2 stone)

Take care,
J. Larry Helton, Jr.

More info from this mailing list:
Think I have shared this info in the past, but just in case there are new researchers. Think TE M in your last entry in the Morningstar/Coon cemetery is “TEMPLE”

I have a Peter Temple married to Rachel Coon. Peter died in 1814 and then Rachel Coon Temple married Middleton Selby in 1816.
Settlements of Madison Twp. (1810)

-Ajax (a R.R. stop in 1911), Section 6

-Astoria (a P.O. in 1840) / Jacktown, Section 6

-Ball's Ferry (c1818) / Brownstown, Section 4

-Brown's Run Area (c1798), Section 3

-Christiana (a P.O. in 1829), Section 2

-Gregory Ford / Gregory Crossing, Section 16

-Miltonville (1816), Section 30

-Poasttown (1818) / West Liberty (1818), Section 11

-Poasttown Heights (1924), Section 2

-Sunsbury (1815, in this area, not related to Sunsbury in Geman Twp.), Section18

-Templeton (1813), Section 12

-Trenton (1821) / Bloomfield (1816), Sections 31 & 32

-Vail's Mill (1802, on both sides of river at bridge into Middletown), Section 27

-West Middletown (1907) / Heno (1890) / Madison City (1846), Section 22

-Woodsdale (1867,in 4 townships & both sides of the river) / Augspurger (1829), Section 19

-Lemon Twp. still owns the southeastern quad of Section 4, even though it is on this side

of the river.

* name of place; other names it has been known as; year of first known existence, settlement, or


* R.R. = railroad; P.O. = post office; c = circa.

Take care,
J. Larry Helton, Jr.
Augspurger Cemetery, Madison Twp.


-Augspurger Farm parcel

-bordered by 6328 Sycamore Rd., Sycamore Rd., Kay Dr., and dead-end of Trenton Pl.

-fence, gate, and cable; mowed; dirt road.

Heavily vandalized.

Fourteen broken and missing gravestones.

Seven marked graves:

-Augspurger, partial monument stone found over fence in the woods.

-Augspurger, Catharina, born Mar. 7, 1849, died Mar. 14, 1885 (OS)

Augspurger, Catharina, 1849-1885 (NS)

separate Mother stone (NS)

Augspurger, N. G., 1843-1916 (OS)

Augspurger, Nicholas G., 1843-1916 (NS)

separate Father stone (NS)

-Augspurger, Elizabeth, born Nov. 2, 1860, died Mar. 24, 1884 (OS)

-Augspurger, Magdalena G. Augspurger, born Oct. 19, 1847, died Jan. 28, 1902 (OS)

Augspurger, Magdalena Gautsche, 1800's (NS)

Augspurger, Magdalena, Oct. 19, 1847, Jan. 28, 1902 (NS)

Augspurger, Rev. Nicholas, 1811-1872 (NS)

-Ramseyer, Catherine 1837-1916, Mother (OS)

-Zimmerman, Andrew; Baden, Germany 1793, Trenton, Ohio 1850 (NS)

(NS) = new stone

(OS) = old stone

Gospel Herald Obituary - January 1917

Augspurger. - Nicklous Augspurger, son of the late Bishop Nickolas and Magdalena Augspurger, was bon near Trenton, Butler Co., Ohio, Feb. 22, 1843; passed to his eternal reward on Dec. 27, 1916; aged 73 y. 10 m. 5 d. He united in marriage with Catharine Schantz, Feb. 20, 1873, who preceded him in death March 4, 1885. This union was blessed with two daughters and one son, Clara, Julina, and Willis, who are left to mourn the loss of a kind and loving father. he also leaves seven grandchildren, two brothers, one sister. Two grand children preceded him in death. In his youth he united with the Amish Church near Trenton, Ohio, of which his father and grandfather were for many years the bishop. Funeral services were held at his late home in Trenton by David Augspurger in German and at the Trenton Church by H. H. Grubb in English. Interment in Augspurger Cemetery.

Take care,
J. Larry Helton, Jr.

To M.A. Lewis


I have read your entries and commend your efforts.


I generally research south eastern Indiana but also some in Hamilton, Butler, and nearby counties as to New Jersey and New York migrants, many having some connection to my Pearce line.  In short I do not look at the state line between the Miami River and the Whitewater Valley.  Additionally, I am working with a researcher of the Michael Pearce family of Trenton, Preble Co., OH, to whose line I am probably related.  There are Lewis members far back, one being Hope Lewis who m. prob. late 1790s Daniel Runyon, born Long Hope, NJ,


Another is a Louisa or Mary Lewis who married Lewis Jefferson Pearce who was born in Hamilton Co., OH.  On my tree I have him as a son of my gg grandfather Pearce's brother, James S. Pearce.  I think they lived in Madisonville, Columbia Twp., Hamilton Co., or possibly Sycamore Twp.  Wondering if either of the Lewis names mean anything to you?


Last month I scoured the cemeteries on FindAGrave in Fayette, Union and Rush Cos., IN with excursions into Franklin Co.  I am preparing entries for the Fayette Co., IN Bicentennial History Book as well.  I know my Pearce family from Sussex Co., NJ/Orange Co., NY and briefly the Finger Lakes before migrating west, were acquainted with many of the Dutch and English from NJ and NY who migrated to western OH, southeastern  IN.  I found many familiar names on the cemeteries list and hope one day the links will be set.  (I host a gently used discussion forum at on these folk in migration to the area of St. Omer, Decatur Co., IN.



S. Pearce

Hello Shar:


I don't recognize the Pearce surname as connected to my Lewis line.

My fourth Great Grandfather, Jonathan Lewis came to Butler County in 1804 as part of the coloby from Basking Ridge, Somerset County, New Jersey. I don't know any of the marriage records for any of their sons other than Thomas Jefferson Lewis and his brother, Aaron.

Thomas Jefferson Lewis went with Joseph Smith to Nauvoo, and then with Brigham Young to Winter Camp in Iowa. He joined the Thomsonite movement and helped found the town of Preparation, Iowa, which no longer exists. I am descended from Branson Laughlin Lewis, Ether Branson Lewis, Lester Richard Lewis and George Orin Lewis.




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