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Did your South Carolina ancestors live in the area which was the Orangeburgh District from 1768 to 1868? This area later became split and/or redistricted to the following counties: Orangeburg, Barnwell, Lexington, Aiken, Calhoun. The Edisto River is a major feature, geographically.

Many of the settlers in this area were of German-Swiss, English-Scottish-Irish, or French Huguenot descent, as well as the many Africans that were enslaved.

I invite you to list your families from this part of South Carolina and, if you can, any families they intermarried with so that we can help one another in our research.

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OK, I'll start.

I can trace back to Thomas Sanders and Claricy Rutland (daughter of Cullen Rutland). Thomas and his father-in-law are in the south part of the Orangeburgh District in 1790, 1800, and 1810, per US Federal Censuses. Sanders had property near Roberts Swamp, on the south fork of the Edisto. Rutland lived nearby.

I also have ancestors Sarah Hughes (wife of Thomas' son Blancet; I don't have any progress on her line) and John McClendon (who moved his family to Georgia and then Louisiana) in the area during the same era.

Surnames that have come up as spouses of my ancestors in this area/era include: Belland, Branch, Earle, Moore, Muse, Rice, Sanford, and Zachary (who also moved to Louisiana).
I should add, some of my family were original members of the Willow Swamp Baptist Church, formed in 1805 near modern day Norway, SC.
My grand parents - Elonzo Worth Hutto and Addie Ann Hutto along with a number of my other relatives are also born in Willon Swamp Church. I still have a number of cousins that live in Norway.

Francis C. Hutto
Charleston, S.C.
Welcome, Francis - nice to have you here.
Yes, my ggg grandfather's half brother , John G. Thornton b. 1803/4 in Edgefield is listed in a Aiken families book. Currently researching the name/author.
My husband's ancestors were the Huttos from Orangeburg and surrounding areas. There is a historical genealogical society from Orangeburg that has an Octoberfest every year and they do a lot of research.
I have definitely heard of (or should I say, read of) the Huttos! In fact, I run into that name just about every time I do any research for my families. I imagine you've found a lot of documentation.
Hi Evelyn,
May I ask you to share your husband's Hutto ancestral line with me? With best regards, Bill Hutto
I am a gr, gr grandson of Jacob Hutto, b. ca 1772 at Orangeburg District. Jacob married Lydia Lewis who was b. ca 1785 at Orangeburg. They relocated to southeast Mississippi about 1814.
To date, I have found no proof, but I believe that Jacob Hutto, b. ca 1772 is the son of Jacob Huttow, b. 1736 who is the son of Isaac Hottow, the immigrant, b. ca 1695, Europe.
Of coarse I am interested in all Hutto ancestral lines and their related families. I have researched and archieved family information for the past 14 years and will gladly share that which I have. I would like to exchange information with anyone related to these families.
I think we have comunicated in the past.

My gf is: Clifton Elonzo Hutto - married Charlotte Rahn
My ggf is: Elonzo Worth Hutto - married Adda Ann Hutto (surname - they are 1st cousins)
My gggf is: Vastine Stanmore Hutto, Sr, - married Catherine Selina "Kitty" Brown
My gggf is: Andrew Thomas Hutto - married Almedia Lott
My ggggf is: Zelhiah R. Hutto - married Mary L. Hutto

Zelhiah R. Hutto and Mary L. Hutto sold 20 acres to Rocky Swamp Church - 09 Sep 1828

Isabello Hutto sold 1 acre to Rocy Swamp Church - 18 May 1809

I have copies of both these deeds.

It is a possibility that Isabello Hutto is the mother of Zelhiarh R. Hutto as the two properties were next to each.

Francis C. Hutto
Charleston, S.C.
Hello again Frances,
It is good to know that you are still interested in Family Research. To say the least, researching is addictive. :)

Have you made any progress on Zelhiah and Mary? I doubt if Church Sexton records exist today covering that period of time.

Isabello is a mystery. I know nothing about her beyond what you have shared. While it is only conjecture, she could very well be the mother of Zelhiah. Accordingto my info, Zelhiah's son, Vastine, named one of his daughters, Isabell.

What a shame that so few records exist that would let us trace our ancestra line, with reasonable certainty.

Let us enjoy this day !! With best regards,

Bill Hutto
My ancestor, John Linder was in Purrysburg before 1743. Wasn't this the same area that became Orangeburg?. I found this reference to his death. Where or what is the Pallachuchellas?

The Journal of the Commons House of Asembly - 1754

#54 - An order drawn upon Public Treasury by Captian John Bourquin of Purysburgh Company for payment of the Sum of Three pounds and ten shillings to Ben, a negro at Mr. Elliots Cowpen, for provisions supplied the Militia who were in pursuit of Indians that had killed Mr. Linder at the Pallachuchellas.



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