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My cousin and I have been searching (me for 3 yrs) for her grandmother.  She seems to have disappeared.  I have searched on Ancestry, Family Search, all over the internet and any other search I can think of.  Her parents and siblings do not have her listed anywhere on their obits as if they just disowned her.  We were told she was in the SC State Hospital (her father and two other sisters were there before they died).  My cousin has contacted the State Hospital & Funeral Homes trying to find some kind of info on her, but she nor I can find her.  They all say she was not there.  This is her info:

Lula Mae (Avery) Hawkins b Sep 1887 m Willie Hawkins

children are Roy William, Clyde Isham, Toy Lee, Herman L, Chrystell, Peggy Jean (my cousin's mother), Betty Lou, Carolyn Leanora

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance,

Tammy Mellard Wheeler

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Hi, Tammy.  I just joined the group recently, so I did not see your post until now.  Are you still trying to find Lula Mae Hawkins?   I live in SC and would be happy to try and help.  

Yes I am still looking for her.  As far as I know she is white but I have seen lots of close possibilities but they are black.  I am not sure about that but I do know that in her parents & all the siblings do not even list her as a family member in their obituaries.

Thank You

Hi, Tammy.  Do you know the source of the information that she was a patient in the SC State Hospital?  Is it oral family history or a recorded document?   Unless it was an emergency admittance, there should be a case on file in the Probate Court in the county in which she was a resident at the time.  If it was an emergency, I believe the head of the SC State Hospital had the authority to approve the admission.  So, you might find some answers at the county level. 

This is the link to the State Hospital burials.   I did not find her on it.

You can request help obtaining hospital records from The Dead Librarian website here:

Hope this helps.  


I did find 1 same age Month Year on the SC State Hospital (where her father was admitted) census  but she was listed as black.  We have records of her father being admitted into the asylum.  They went to court and got him in.  I know her sister was in there because I have found some proof.  She is buried at the Asylum cemetery, alone.  Her husband married not long after she was buried.

When you say she is buried and her husband married, are you talking about Lula, or her sister?

You haven't checked the Probate court to see if there is an order admitting Lula?   I would definitely do that if you haven't.  She could have been moved, which would also require a probate order, or even admitted in another state, depending on where the family wanted her to go.  Did she live in Columbia, or in a border county adjoining another state?  What year do you think she was admitted?  Had she already had all her children, or is there an unexplained large gap in their dates of birth that might indicate when she left and when she came back?

I have looked at the Dead Librarian & cemetery site liked it but found her sister buried there but not her.

On the Scdmah Cemetery sheet, Her sister is located on page 227 line 5  as

Geiger Street
it does not have a cause of death (I do have her death certificate)

Her sister Lizzie Avery Simpson. 



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