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I know very little about this person at this time. Also would like to find the seal for a better examination for additional clues. Mill Rinds are in quarters 2 and 3 are opposite of known van Soldt and van Solt arms. Need to do a little research on knots and significance of 3 knots which may be a clue also!

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hi there,its me.
You have the tranlation wrong.
You are not looking for knots.
It says that there are three wooden poles on it with round cut top sides
so,i hope youre on the right track now
best regards,
Patrick sol
I found out shortly after I posted this message, that my DUTCH mother made a mistake with the word knots. Although I found looking this dutch heraldic terms difficult. I am not sure which words describe wooden poles. If the arms were drie palen, it would have 7 even stripes running from top to bottom(1rst 3rd 5th and 7th striples or pale(n) would be your field color). I found one coat of arms with "geknot" and the stripes were cut in half and did not reach the top. "Van uit den bovenrand" must mean "round cut top sides"! Thank you for the translation.

Did you get a picture of the Sol zegel yet?
Almost right,
drie geknotte palen =the poles are round cut on one side
van uit den bovenrand means ,the poles start from the top side and the bottem side must then be round cut.
So first quarter tree poles with round cut bottem sides and the 4th quarter also.
Sorry for the mistake in the first translation.
I didn't pay attention at the tekst "from the top side down"
Normaly you cut the top side on a pole.
my mistake
No i dont have the seal yet.
I will post it as soon as i got it.
It takes two to three weeks before the can send it
Thats the time it takes because you get on a wating list until its youre turn and they start copying the things you asked for.
Can be any day now

For a couple years I have been checking back to see if these discussions will progress.  Is there any chance of that? Armando F's theories are so interesting.  Did the seal arrive, Patrick S?  Thanks!

Patrick Edward Sol - still curious! :)

Thank you!



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