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My Vance ancestors were reported to be from Frederick County, VA. My husband's ancestors are Miller, Charlton, Knicely, VanPelt, Garber, Flory, Bowman, to name a few.

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Bonnie, John Vance was my 7th great-grandfather.
Would those who live in the valley please let us know when you have the genealogy fairs. I have been to 2 in Brocks Gap but know there have been others. I seem to miss them and would love the excuse to come to the valley again. It is so much fun talking local genealogy and going to the local churches. A year ago we went to the church where a friend's 4th great help start and they shared the church scrapbook with us. Wonderful people and looking at the recorded history of an old small church was one of those special once in a lifetime experiences. A big thank you to all of you living there.

Who are your husband's Charlton ancestors? I am descended from Burwell and Isabella Moore Charlton. They were married in Rockingham in 1846. Burwell was born in 1827, probably in Shenandoah. His parents were Thomas and Sally Grady Charlton, married in Shenandoah in 1807.
I can't remember if I replied to you last summer or not. My husband's line is: William Charlton 1830-1893 m. Elizabeth ? possiblly Black. their son, William J. Charlton m. 11 Dec. 1867 to Lydia Ann Spitzer, thier son Newton "Newt" Reuben Charlton 1879-1951 - m. Louella Catherine Knicely 1879-1952, Roberta Gaines Charlton m. 1926 Raymond Garber Miller, my husband's parents. (It is possible the first William was a son of Thomas, I just don't know.)

I did this research probably 30 years ago and I found a Burwell Charlton who died at Moorefel 11th April 1869 (Rockingham Register - old newspaper in the county)

Our Charltons did live in Hardy County, WV, at one time.

1820 Census
James Charlton and William Charlton - Shenandoah County
John J. Charlton - Rockingham County
(A William Charlton married Elizabeth Black - 27 January 1817)
(A James Charlton married Elizabeth Pennywit, da.of Phillip Pennywit Nov. 3, 1811)

1830 Census
James, Charlton - Shenandoah County
Thomas Charlton - Shenandoah County
Willaim Charlton - Shenandoah County

1840 Census
Seaborn Charlton in RockbridgeCounty
Thomas Charlton in Hardy County

. I850 Censusa
Burwell Charlton - Hardy County - I have his family listed if you want it
Also Felix Charlton - Hardy County - I have his family
William Charlton - Hardy Count
Elizabeth Charlton in Frederick County
Seaborn Charlton in Rockbridge County

1860 Census
William Charlton - Rockingham County
Burwell Charlton in Hardy County, WV

1870 Census
William Charlton - age 40 - Rockingham County
Betsy Charlton - age 40 - wife
William Charlton - age 22
Lydia Charlton - age 21 - wife

1880 Hardy County, WV
Charlton, Isabella 45
Brint - 26 works on sawmill
Many - 17 - dau. (died 2/13/1893 my note)
Arthur - 14 - son

Charlton, Burl - 24
Virginia - 27
M.Lee - 2 - son

I think I will stop and let you tell me what info you have before I type any more.
Hi Bonnie,
Just saw your reply from a month ago. I believe your William Charlton born 1830 is the younger brother of Burwell Charlton. At one point in Hardy Co, the parents Thomas and Sally (Grady) Charlton are living with William and Elizabeth. Do you have a copy of the Rockingham Register that mentions Burwell's death? What else do you know about the first William Charlton? There were apparently 3 Charlton families (Thomas, James, and William) living in Shenandoah by about 1820.
My Millers are Rowan & Cabarrus Cos., N.C. My Rowan Co., N.C., Capt. Alfred Alexamnder Miller, CSA, had a brother in Cabarrus Co., Sgt. Henry Graeber Miller, CSA, who wed Clara Ann Bost.
None of those names ring a bell with me. Are your ancestors from the Shenandoah Valley of
Should have kin in your area (Frederick County, VA.) Henry Keltner of Micheal Kelchner
What I know about my history
Michael Kelchner was born about 1710 in the Lower Palatinate, Germany. He died in
Frederick County, VA before April 5, 1754, this date is when his will was proved and recorded in Frederick County, VA. Michael's parents are unknown at this time.

Michael married Elisabeth Stapleton in Berks County, PA about 1734. Elisabeth was
the daughter of Robert Stapleton and Anna Marie Wiegand. She was born April 3,
1719 in Highland, Orange County, NY as recorded in the Trinity Lutheran Church
records. She died 1771. The Kelchner and Stapleton families lived in a community
of German immigrants, the spellings of their names can greatly vary Stebeldon,
Stibbledown Stepelton, Wygand and Wygant.

Michael arrived on the shores of Philadelphia, PA September 18, 1733. He sailed on
the Pennsylvania Merchant whose captain was John Stedman. It left from Rotterdam
to Plymouth then onto Pennsylvania. His brother Hans Gorg "George" Kelchner had
come over on the same ship with the same captain two years before on September 11,
1731, by way of Rotterdam to Dover then onto Philadelphia, PA. Tradition says that
four Kelchner brothers came to America; Hans George, Matthias, Michael and Henry.
They all settled in eastern Pennsylvania.

About 1751-1752 Michael and his father-in-law Robert Stapleton moved their families
from Oley, Berks County, PA to the Shenandoah Valley of VA.



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