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How Many Pets Do You Currently Have?

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I have 6 dogs. 4 brittanys, one chihuahua, and one mixed breed from the shelter.
I have four cats. Three are black and white domestic shorthairs and the fourth is an orange and white domestic longhair. All four were adopted from a rescue group in York Region.
Good morning, at this time my family (daughter, son-in-law & adorable grandson) share the pet rearing of 4 cats, AKA "The Pride". Here is their vital stats
Cali - F - b. Jan 2000 - AKA Miss Tally - the matriarch
Casey - F - b. Feb 2000 - AKA Baby Tace - the middle child and crankiest
Tigger - M - b. April 2001 - AKA Montieur - our Lion King
Mitsy - F - b. 2003 - AKA Poopy - she was my son-in-law's cat and moved in when the 'kids" decided to live together. It has been 6 years and she is just now starting to warm up.........
Throughout my life, my family have had birds (finches), fish, Capuchin monkeys, & dogs........



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