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We've added a group for "serious queries". We've already identified some lost ancestors that were posted on GenyWise, but could help find so many more if the surname groups had specific titles and were better organized, and if subject groups also followed LC/FHLC/GenSeek localities and headings.

Sharing the research log for the target ancestor could result in ideas for new sources or actual discoveries in new searches.

Learn to gather, evaluate, and organize historical documents. The better you describe a search or a source, the more focused you will be, and less likely to repeat a search. The more you are organized, the more accurate the results will be. One pedigree chart is your first ‘road map’.

Then create a research log for each level of record keeping: international, national, state/province, county/shire, township, city/village. If there is more than one log for a similar jurisdiction (such as 2 or 3 counties), arrange the logs chronologically by the date the jurisdiction was created.

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