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Is anyone savy enough to figure out how we could organize the recipes "easily" by types (i.e. main dish, vegetables, international, regional? I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular site.

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Great idea Sandra!

I think you're on the right track with Main Dishes & Vegetables. To that, I would probably add Breads, One Pot Meals, Desserts, Soups and Stews, Side Dishes. We might even find the need to split main dishes down to Fish, Meat, Poultry.

That's one of the reasons I started a separate discussion for apples. Maybe I was too specific. Maybe I'm the only one who has an entire book of apple recipes and is always looking for more, but I'm hoping not! :-)

What do you think?
I think you're right. And love your apple category! I use everyday (not that I use the recipes every day but love them) The way they're categorized is quite helpful. Now. do we do this? Do we do our own thing and copy to hard drive or does someone know how to do it on this site?

Also, I still love the comments and they could still precede the actual recipe.

Any thoughts on this?
I agree that the comments add flavor to the recipes, so please continue to add them. And comments from other group members should follow the individual recipes in each category.

I have to thing about the way to do the categories.
Additional thoughts as to how we organize. Does the Linda K. have enough control over our posts to merge discussions if necessary? If so, a group member could suggest to her that Kathleen's Apple category become a "Fruit" category, so the member could post a recipe for a special cherry-pineapple dish an ancestor made. When approved, we'd have a larger topic, and all the various fruit recipes could go there.

In the meantime, someone else could start a "Vegetable" category; changes could be suggested by other group members, and Linda could make the changes if she agreed with them. And so on, till we have settled on groups that please us.

Others should consider this and speak up, either in favor or in rejection.
Hello again Sandra,

I agree with you wholeheartedly about the comments. Especially on a website like this, which is all about families and their stories.

I think that the best way to "categorize" recipes is to start a separate discussion for each category. (This may be the only way, but I'm not sure.)

I haven't used, but I looked at it after you mentioned it. I agree that the website uses a nice categorization method, I'm just not sure that it would work for us. I think that the website uses overlapping categories with cross indexing to facilitate searches, but this might confuse things for us. For example, if we had a category (or discussion) for German recipes (as in the regional cooking section of the website) then would I post an apple strudel recipe from my German side on that, or on the Apple discussion? I don't think I should post it on both.

What do you think?
Just a guess as to the "way out" for your strudel recipe. Post it at the place you feel it best fits, then post a one liner at the other spot. For example, "I've posted a great Apple Strudel recipe in the German recipes discussion."

That way we would keep the site from being double posted, but folks looking for apple recipes could be alerted to the ethnic discussions where they could find additional foods. I wouldn't post a cross reference for a dish like "Boeuf Bourguignonne" or "Sauerbraten" in the meat section, because I would guess that most people would look in the French or German sections for recipes like that.
Kathleen and all: Think you all are onto something on setting up sub-categories on this site., of course, is more sophisticated that I could ever be when it comes to computer programming.

I love the idea of international and regional categories as well as categories such as meat, chicken, vegetables, desserts...

My paternal side of the family is true southern and my maternal side is Lithuanian. So, I'd love to see more Lithuanian recipes or Eastern European recipes. Now how do we set this up?
I wanted to put a yellow squash recipe from my very Southern grandmother...

Maybe we could set up "sign ins" by food category. How was "Old Family Recipe" section set up?
Can we do sub-categories? Like check into Old Family Recipes, then see topics under that? I haven't take the time to figure it ...anyone inclined? Still love seeing the recipes and comments regardless of what order they're in......

Wouldn't the easiest option be to create a new "discussion" for each category? For instance, if I am going to post a recipe for pie and their is no category yet, I would start a new discussion titled "Pies" and post it there. Other categories ideas, "Side Dishes", "Appetizers" or "Sandwiches & Salads", "Desserts", "Yeast Breads", "Quick Breads", etc. Just some ideas. Then, if the group owner prefers, he/she can categorize them as desired.

Well the corn patties I mentioned in the other thread could easily be a side or main course.



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