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This most recent trip actually entailed two trips. While browsing through the reseqrch part of the Oklahoma History Center's web site

instead of searching using the search function on the archives colleciton I decided to browse through the topic core collections. Looking through all of the collections I run across the topic Indian Archives. Selecting that collection I was amazed to find listed the Indian tribes and that expanded out int a bunch of titles that have not been microfilmed yet. M ancestors came into Indian Territory in 1880 (both sides). I thought this would be a wonderful source of some information. My partential grandfather settled in Quinton about 1906. One of the entries in the Choctaw Collection of the Dawes papers, was titled Quinton Townsite. My wife and I drove to Oklahoma City to look through the collection. The personnel at the research library couldn't have been more helpful. They did have a hard time finding the information since it didn't have a collection number, but rather had a name. We left that day not haveing a chance to look through the papers. The staff kept looking and I checked back with them and they had located the collection, so back we went. I went throught the Quinton papers, I didn't find anything directly related to my garndfather, however it was interesting reading and very educational. It gave me many new places to look.

What basically I found out was that the land for the Quinton townsite was bought from several Choctaw citizens lwho got permission to alienate that land from there allotment, this was in 1904 and 1905. So any land sold in the town of Quinton after that appproval should show up in probaly the county records. It may take some tracing to find out where the county records for that Choctaw county was dispersed after state hood.

You might want to go through the list. I found several parts of the collection I intend to go through. They have several boxes of records entitled non-citizens that look promising. Along with the microfilmed records of the intruders.

Just wanted to pass along this information. By the way you wil need to ask for the box number from the indian archive collection

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Charles, do you know if they have a website? Also, could you give me their address?
I assume you mean the history center? If so here it is and here is their address:
Oklahoma History Center

2401 N. Laird Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 522-5248
(405) 522-5402

if you have any other questions or if this isn't what you wanted let me know.

Any time,
Thank you so much Charles. That's a big help.



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