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My Somerset ancestry begins with my father in law who was born in Bath. 
The Back family comes from Ashill and Combe St Nicholas I have this line back to Robert Back who was buried in Combe St Nicholas in 1758.
Edith Parkes married John Back in 1730 in Ashill but was she born there?
Francis Wimbridge was born circa 1724 in Ashill
Martha Goodwin was born circa 1729 in Ashill
Mary Cummings was born circa 1779 in Ashill
Thomas Townsend was born circa 1750 in Chard
Ann Miller was born circa 1770 in Chard
Charles Keitch was born circa 1768 in Combe St Nicholas
Maria Street was born circa 1768 in Combe St Nicholas
Susan Spencer was born circa 1792 in Ashill
William Bishop was born circa 1798 in Illminster 
Elizabeth "Betty" Stickleyett was born circa 1794 in Combe St Nicholas
Jeffrey Underwood was born circa 1695 in Evercreech
Stephen Lumber was born circa 1710 in Evercreech
Lydia Furber was born circa 1711 in Evercreech
Elizabeth "Betty" Hunt was born circa 1699 in Evercreech
James Rawlings was born circa 1700 in Evercreech
Mary Ponting was born circa 1700 in Evercreech
Thomas Welch was born circa 1730 in Evercreech
Ann Merryfield was born circa 1735 in Evercreech
Ann Shoot was born circa 1814 in Frome
James Joyce was born circa 1730 in Cloford
Mary Nicholas was born circa 1770 in Evercreech

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Parkes,Spencer and Hunt , I have these sur names ,as well, through the Morgan ,Williams, and Sturgess families-Glamorganshire, Nottingham,,Durham ...



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