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Looking in the Shepton Mallet area, I am not sure exactly where, as each census brings with it yet another set of names. I am researching Isaac GOULD b about 1825 (it is different on each census) I am not positive who his parents were. It looks as though they might have been Thomas and Amy, the odd thing about Amy was she seems to be 15 years older than Thomas on the 1841 census. I am confused about exactly where they lived, it says civil Parish Ashwick, Hundred: Kilmersdon, registration district: Shepton Mallet, and sub registration: Stoke Lane

On the 1861 census has Isaac married to Matilda Davis at this point an Emma Gould is living with them and this Emma is the same age as the afore mentioned Amy, and she is listed as widowed could they be the same person?, the Goulds have one daughter MaryAnn and there is a step son Edward Davis... Isaac is listed as being born in Ashwick.

On the 1871 Census, Edward is no longer living with them and a daughter Caroline is listed. on this census Isaac is listed as born in Bineger, Somerset  they are still in Shepton Mallet, Stoke Lane.

In 1881 They are now just listed as a couple and listed in Gurney Slade, Shepton mallet and Isaac is listed as born in Ashwick Somerset

In 1891 they are again listed in Gurney Slade in Shepton Mallet, and Isaac is listed as born in Ashwick. Now they have a grandson listed living with them as well as a lodger.

In 1901 they are listed living alone in Gurney Slade, Shepton Mallet and Isaac listed as born in Ashwick.

To make things a bit more complicated there is another Isaac Gould who was born about the same time as estimated for our Isaac, I have looked at both of them and the above Isaac seems to be the more likely one to be mine.

My reasons for choosing this Isaac is his daughter Mary Ann fits the birth year of my g-g- grandmother Mary Ann Gould, and Matillda Davis is listed on her birth record as her mother and on her marriage record she lists Gurney Slade as her residence. 

The reason I suspect Isaac's father is  Thomas Gould, is because a Thomas is listed as Isaac's father on his marriage record.

I would like to know a bit more about the area and how to tell exactly where they lived, Any help in finding out more about this family and possibly how to obtain a birth record for Isaac and be sure it is the correct one.

Mary Ann falsified her birth date and married in Bristol when she was about 16, she and her husband Thomas Giddings sailed to Canada where they had their family, the rest of the story is known, but nothing much is known about Aary Ann's ancestors and Thomas Giddings is a complete mystery.

Mitilda's father was Edward Davis she was living in Ostray (sp) at the time of her marriage in 1857 and Isaac was living in Town Lane.

I thought maybe town or village boundries may have changed or maybe they just moved around, I am confused and don't where to begin looking for documents and records.



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