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I joined NGS in 2005 because I wanted access to the quality publications NGSQ and NGS Magazine. I also wanted to be part of an organization that was shaping the future of genealogy.

Why did you join and why do you renew?

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I believe that I can learn good genealogical techniques by reading NGSQ articles. Some of these are online, accessible to members of NGS through their website. The ability to access these articles online is why I joined and continue to renew.
I joined NGS for the NGSQ and because it offered online courses. I enjoy reading the case studies in the NGSQ; Iwish it came out more often. I recently started reading the articles that are available online. I will continue to renew my subscription.
You said it all, Mark -- that 7-letter word "quality." Very few state or regional publications can stay in the ring with the NGS magazine, let alone the Q.
I joined the NGS about 6 months ago looking for networking and for access to the data bases. I have really enjoyed the experience so far and feel membership in NGS was money well spent. As a beginning genealogist the NGS is a gold mine of information esp on ethical research. I am looking forward to taking some of the courses offered as I am considering genealogy as an profession.
I joined NGS in 2005 for 2 reasons: 1). I was attending my first national conference (Nashville) and joining meant that I got a conference discount and 2). my instructors at NIGS encouraged the students to join NGS and APG for the extra educational opportunities (this was actually the primary reason that I joined). Once I received my first issue of the Q, I was hooked for life. There is no other publication out there that matches the Q for quality and, especially, teaching the readers how to achieve the same quality research. I also get a lot from the Newsletter. I will continue to maintain my membership in NGS, even if it is the only membership that I can afford.



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