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This will be to list your surnames or families that you research in Nebraska. Be sure to include information such as dates and locations.

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looking for any information on Paul Edward Prevost married Peggy Mae Cooper and they lived in Omaha Nebraska we know from 1932 to 1936 where three of thier four children where 1934 he worked for hodge electric shop and home address was 211 S. California st. this was Jan. 1934 and Sept. 1936 his address was 2009 Chicago st.and worked for W.S. Buck mercantile Co. r2606 Davenport that was located on 1936 City Directory thanks to gen wise friend Darlene! any information would be helpful this is really as much as we know and he has two living children nearing thier 80's and I would love to tell them something about thier father as they wait with such patiants Thank you!...Danielle
Wait (Waits, Waite) - Seward, NE - William Henry Waits (b. Miami, Clermont, OH 1845 - d. Seward, Seward, NE 1927) & his wife Elve Senora Long (b. LaPorte, LaPorte, IN 1845 - d. NE 1928), their children including my g.gpa Frederick Hiram Wait (b. Seward, Seward, NE 1876 - d. Seward, Seward, NE 1955) and his wife Uella Jane Baker (b. Shell Rock, Butler, IA 1883 - d. Seward, Seward, NE 1967)

I've found quite a bit of information on them, but am wondering when WH Waits moved to Seward?

Earl Daniel Kunz (b: NE 1901 - d: Murdock, Cass, NE 1971) and his wife Della Nevada Hartsock (b: NE 1909 - d. Murdock, Cass, NE 1974).

E.D. Kunz's family has a lot of info on, but so far I've hit dead ends on Della's family. Of course, I just started looking and have been focusing mainly on my Wait side so far. I'm interested to see what's in the Keya Paha book that I saw mentioned on the front page! I'm pretty sure that's where she was born, but haven't found supporting documentation.
Cuming County (mostly West Point) - Buse, Peatrowsky, Beyer, Reif, Wortman, Seeman, Stalp, Knobbe, Pflaum plus many more....All entering the county as early as 1856 up to 1884.

Holt County - Latzel, Tagel, Schindler, Miller (Mueller), Schrier, Thoendel (they all immigrated from CzR to the Columbus/Bellwood area 'cause that is were the train tracks ended, then up to Ewing. 1870's and 1880's.

Antelope County - Holm, Erickson, Pedersen, Ward - 1870s and 1880s

Husband's family:
Nemaha and Richardson County - Jeffers (Jefferies). Tharp (Tharpe/Thorp/Thorpe/Sharp/Sharpe), Stanley, Dent, Sedoris, Oldfield.

in Nemaha County - Martha Tharp married William Jeffers in 1861, don't know what happen to him, then she married Joseph Stanley in 1866 (he died 1875) then she married Thomas Dent in 1877. The family was not not to be found in the 1880 census, but in 1885 they were living in Richardson County, NE. Then Thomas dies in 1888. She reappears in 1900 in Atchison, Kansas married to Charles Pike.

Her sister Hester married John Sedoris and they lived for awhile in Nemaha County - she died in Jefferson County in 1910. Her brother Robert married Elizabeth Oldfield. They lived for awhile in Nemaha - but eventually moved to New Mexico. Martha's parent are John Tharp and Eleanor Adamson - they were living in Nemaha County on the 1880 census - not sure where they died - they seem to be gone by 1900.

Also researching a Charles Tharp and Nancy Wolfe. They lived in all the same places that John and Eleanor Tharp did - I suspect they are related. Nancy died in Nemaha County 1895 and Charles moved to DeKalb County Missouri died 1902.

Other places that John, Ellen and Martha Tharp lived - Jasper County, Iowa, Page County, Iowa, Nemaha County, NE. (John born in Ohio, Eleanor born Tennessee, their other children born Indiana, Martha born Missouri and after 1888 - lived in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.
I am researching Czech families in Colfax and Butler Counties in Nebraska. The surnames are Zima, Shorney (Shorni), Valish (Valesh/Vales), Vondrasek, and Macholan. Anybody researching Nebraska Czech families?
Hi, all. I am researching families who lived in Cherry, Franklin, and Dawson Counties. In Dawson, GUESS, WESTERLIN, ASHBURN, and PATTERSON, in Franklin, ASHBURN, and in Cherry, ASHBURN and BRISTOL. Some names and dates are as follows. I'd love to find people with some common interests.

David Snider Bristol and his son Joseph Bristol (along with many other family members) came to Cherry around 1890, after living in Colfax County and Illinois and New York before that.

Barnett Ashburn settled in Franklin County (he filed the first land claim there, according to a history of the county) in 1870.

Barnett's son Thomas J. Ashburn seems to have moved from Franklin to Dawson around 1880 (he and his wife are found in both counties in the 1880 Federal Census), and by 1891 he is in Cherry.

John Guess was in Buffalo and then Dawson around 1885. He moved there from Iowa.

August and Hedda Westerlin came to Nebraska (first Platte Co, then Dawson) from Sweden in 1889 and 1891. August's original name was Johansson, and I have no idea why he changed it. Westerlin seems to come from the area they were from in Sweden, Vastergotland.

Charles Francis Patterson came to Dawson with his family by 1880, from Iowa.
Hi Stephanie. I have a genealogy friend in Dawson County so I asked him about your Dawson folk. He sent me several notes he took about them. If you will send me your postal address to my e-mail, I'll get them mailed to you. My e-mail is

John Guess and Annie Patterson were married 1 May 1886 at the residence of C.F. Patterson by Rev. A.B. Chapin. Witnesses were Kate Meeks and Robert Meeks. On their marriage license John Guess is shown as 32, born Iowa, resident of Dawson Co., Nebraska, parents Elisha Guess and Ellen Parks. Annie Patterson is shown as 22, born in Iowa, resident of Dawson Co., Nebraska, parents Charles F. Patterson and Lydia Miller.
Dawson Co., Nebraska Marriage Book Volume 1 page 368

Marriage license issued in Lexington, Dawson Co., Nebraska on 20 June 1890 by V.B. Pierce, County Judge
Charles A. Dunaway, 26, b. OH, resident of Dawson Co., parents J.M. Dunaway and Amy N. Mincks (?)
Maggie A. Patterson, 23, b. IA, resident of Dawson Co., parents C.H. Patterson and --------
no marriage certificate (return) was recorded
Dawson Co., Nebraska Marriage Book Vol. 2, page 244

John Guess and Lillian French married 26 August 1914 at Lexington, Dawson Co., Nebraska by D.H. Moulds, County Judge; witnesses Rosa Wiggins and W.S. Wiggins
John Guess, 22, b. Nebraska, resident of Overton, NE, farmer; parents John Guess and Annie Patterson, both born in Iowa
Lillian French, 22, born Kentucky, resident of Overton, NE; parents George W. French and Emma Gentry, both both in Kentucky
Dawson Co., Nebraska Marriage Book Vol. 7 page 214

Delbert P. Guess and Lillian E. Westerlin, married 31 Oct 1917 at Lexington, Dawson Co., Nebraska by I.J. Nisley, County Judge; witnesses Jesse L. Haverstadt and Irene Frink.
Delbert P. Guess, 19, b. Nebraska, resident of Overton, Nebraska; farming; parents John Guess and Annie Paterson (sic) both both in Iowa
Lillian E. Westerlin, 19, b. Nebraska, resident of Overton, Nebraska; parents August Westerlin and Hedry Byorhman, both born in Sweden
Consent of John Guess, father, signed at Lexington, Nebraska on 22 October 1917
Dawson Co., Nebraska Marriage Book Vol. 7 page 616
Hi, Ruby. Thanks so much. I tried emailing you, but it didn't go through for some reason. My email is

The Pattersons have a long connection with the Meek family, which your information about the marriage of John Guess and Annie Patterson supports. CF Patterson was the foreman of the Meek stock farm in Van Buren, IA (Meek seems to have been quite the area businessman), and arranged with him to drive cattle out to Nebraska with one of the Meek sons, which is how he ended up there. He kept the cattle on shares, so obtained his own stock that way, from what I understand.
My Nebraska family is small, I am looking for information on 3 people. Mary Evingham, her daughter Una and a husband or father to Una. Mary and Una were born in Illinois. I have found Mary and Una on the 1910 census in Amherst, NE. I also have a plat map of Amherst from 1907 showing Mary Evingham as a land owner as well as the deed where Mary purchased the land in 1906 and another deed when Mary sold the land in 1919. Mary is listed as a widow on the 1910 census. I have not been able to find any reference to a husband or father for Una. In 1900 Mary and Una are in Illinois and Mary is listed as married, however there is no reference to the husband. Thanks! Jenna
Searching Green Family in Seward County ,also searching Ernst and Kennel Mennonite relatives. Just started searching Anderson and Wurtz family Sherman County and North Platte. Also interested in Peters family from Grand Island and Columbus .
I am researching the Welch 1890 to 1975 family in Lincoln county. They were in Dickens and North Platte as well as their final resting place Wellfleet Cemetery. The family consists of John W Welch married to Elizabeth Beard. Children Henry C Welch married to Esther Matilda Watson, Edward Welch, Lydia Welch married to Eli Ruff, Johnathon Welch married to Olivia Inez Churchill. According to Esther Matilda Watson Welch's obituary printed in the Maywood Eagle she had two daughters Mrs. James Adams and Mrs William RatcliffI know she had daughters Sarah Ellen Welch and Esther May Welch however I do not know which is which. I was told that John W Welch was a musician and might have been a music teacher or owned a music store in the area. I have been to the cemeteries in Lincoln county that I could find relatives in. I would like to get past this road block and find the rest of the family and how we migrated to Lincoln county.
I'm trying to locate further information on Margaret Wittwer (1878-1956). She is buried in Maple Cemetery, Salem, Richardson Co., NE. Her husband was Edward E. Wittwer, son of Frederick and Mary Ann (Salder) Wittwer. I believe Margaret is Margaret Sparks, daughter of J. M. and Lydia M. (Thomas) Sparks. I was chasing her as Wittmer, as that's how a Southwestern Reporter, Vol. 71, referenced her, but she is buried as WITTWER, so I would assume that's the correct spelling. If she is the same gal, she had siblings Isaac M., Lydia M., Joseph E., but then also had step-siblings as James M. Sparks appears to have married Mary after the death of her mother, Lydia, in 1884 (presumably TX; possibly in OK). Maggie Wittmer is in the 1900 Maple Twp., Canadian Co., OK census with Edward and children Edna L., and James F., but appears in the 1910 Nemaha, Richardson Co., NE census with Edward and children Edna, James, Ethel, Esta, Lloyd and Floyd (twins). By 1920, the family has moved to Salem, Richardson Co., NE. It appears Esta married Ivan Joy; James F married Grace; in 1930 Salem, Richardson Co., NE, Edward and Margaret have Edna, E. Lloyd, and LeRoy living with them.



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