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One of my brickwalls claimed to have been discharged in the 1870s, does anyone know where I could find that info if it exists? He claimed to have been in the Civil War, then at Leavenworth, but I can't find any real evidence. no pension exists for him, nothing in the civil war info on the Civil War soldiers.

thank you!

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Hello Kate...

You might want to try to see if he is listed.

Hi Jayne-
I've tried that and he isn't there. thank you for the suggestion, it is a very good resource. :)
The most likely place would be to check with the National Archives for post Civil War records. This may fall into what was called the Indian War records. Depending on the time in the 1870's. Leavenworth was a prison during that time. Even if he was dishonorably discharged should have some record of his service.
Hi Derek-
I was wondering if there were Indian War Records, I hadn't come across them in my research.
thank you-



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