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1. Set up a computer file for the main story itself with the current date -
• i.e. MyStory-midway-0313.08 (Save new versions with new dates.)
2. Save and back-up the file often. Only work on the latest version of the story!
3. Write your memories consistently in the first person voice (“I remember…”).
4. Write memories clearly in complete sentences. Paragraph your story often.
5. Organize the story for clarity in chronological order.
6. Do Not Format the text until you have Chosen your Publisher.
• Different programs vary – Word formatting does not translate to many publishers. Do not waste time with Bold/Italics etc until the final press.
7. Scan photographs at 300 dpi, documents at 250 dpi and small pictures at 600 dpi – save your photos as jpg or png files.
8. Number, name & identify each scanned photo or document; place note into text –
9. Caption all photographs; identify people from left to right, add the occasion, location, and date, wherever possible.

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