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Hey, all:

First of all, does the Legacy license allow you to use the software on more than one computer?

Assuming it does (I can't find that anywhere), does anyone do that? What's the best way to accomplish that? I'm looking at and wondering if that's the way to go.


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Yes, you can use it on more than one of your own personal computers. Drop box is one way. A thumb drive is another. I have a wired network at home and simply copy my fdb file from my desktop to my laptop when I hit the road. Then I copy it back to the desktop when I get back home. I use DropBox to store an occasional backup. Good to have if my house burns down.
Thanks, Bob! I use Dropbox, but I never thought about it for Legacy. I use a thumb drive.
I have no idea what offers, might be interested, but I have a perfect answer for using Legacy software on more than one computer.
1. when you download from Legacy, instead of :"Run" you click "Save" (to somewhere you know you will find it again, likde a downlod folder)
2. copy the saved download to your laptop or 2nd computer
3. then go back to the main computer, locate the saved program, and execute it which installs it.
4. do the same on your laptop or other computer
5. Move your database to a movable disk. I keep my database on a 750G passport backup disk that is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. but about 1/2 as thin. and it uses a usb port to plug into any computer. Works great.
Just dont forget when you have it someplace where you have the space, to back up the external drive, and do it often. while I consider this a magnificent little thing, it is not without faults. If you drop it, and I have, it may become useless. It survived 2 drops, but the third did my first passport in. You can get them in several levels of gigabytes from Costco for a fairly reasonable price, but I wouldn't want to be replacing it every month so do treat it with respect. It works wonderfully.
Also,it is advisable that you do not use this external, portable drive as a backup drive.



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