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I tried looking for ideas in several places, forums, with no luck so far, I hope someone here can help me out.

I have been using Legacy for quite a long time, it's perfect for me but I haven't found a solution to one my most annoying problems yet. 
I want the names to be formatted in reports the following way: Surname Firstnames" (ex. Johnson John) . 
This is quite important for me, because in some languages, such as Hungarian, names are correctly written as I mentioned above (Surname preceding First name, no comma). After generating a report in English I can easily translate it into Hungarian using MSWord's Search&Replace option, but I haven't yet found a way to change the order of the names in the generated reports.
Do you know if Legacy has a hidden trick where I can set it to display the names as I want it or should I look for other solutions? For charts I will purchase TreeDraw, which is fully customizable, but I really need help with the report.
Thanks in advance for any ideas

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Hi - I also have been having the same frustration with Legacy not showing names in the order I want - which is - same as you - Surname first, then Givens. I note your message which I am responding to was send April 9, 2014. Does this mean you have still not gotten a solution - - - or does it mean nobody is reading this area of the posts?

If you got a solution or response . . . will you be kind enough to post it here as a reply to my reply?

Many thanks.


Hi, I haven't found a solution that would best suit my needs yet, but I've made some progress :)  MyHeritage Family Tree Maker can do what Legacy can't: displaying the names and dates the way I want in narrative reports - they even have Hungarian user interface -, and this is great news. The wording of the reports are not as flexible as with Legacy though.

I am seriously thinking about changing to a different research management software, as Millennia would'n even answer my notifications and I am not sure if they even read them. However in most aspects Legacy is a much more complex software with more powerful capabilities than any other program I have ever tried. It's hard to say good bye...

Currently I do my work in Legacy and I generate my reports in My Heritage FTM, using Gedcom files for transferring data. Sometimes some of the data (mostly notes) tend to get lost somewhere on the way. Not a perfect solution but working for now. I secretly still hope that Legacy will introduce an option to make this possible. It can't be that difficult... :)



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