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Legacy inputs locations as city, county, state or province, country, but I add townships because sometimes you don't have a town name. 

For example, my location for my birth is Bracebridge, Macaulay Township, Muskoka District, Ontario, Canada.

My location for residence in 2013 is Bracebridge, District Municipality of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

Ontario once was Upper Canada, then Canada West and it was a British Colony.  Counties didn't even exist until 1849.  Between 1971 and 1841 Upper Canada was divided into 4 districts.  Muskoka didn't exist until 1888.

My point is place names changed over time, so do you write in the present day location for an event that dates back to 1840 with a note telling its historical name or vice versus.

I, personally, write down the historical name with note telling present day name but I'm not sure if I maybe confusing anyone who reads it.

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The convention is always to use the historic name, so it is fine to do it the way which you are.

The so called four field convention for locations is inappropriate for many countries, including the constituent countries of the UK, and is best suited for the USA - for whom it was designed. Personally I ignore it, so doing affects affects little.except the geolocation finder.



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