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What is the correct way to enter a location when some one either emigrates or immigrates? 

For example: If there was a source that documented a person leaving Sweden and going to the United States, I would say that was a record of emigration. What would I put for a location?

Sweden because that is where he emigrated from?

United States because that is where he emigrated to?

Would I use the port that he first he entered the United States, or his ultimate destination in the United States?

Likewise, would I use the port he departed Sweden or the place that he lived in Sweden prior to emigration?

Or do I put something like Sweden to United States (which I don't really like in the location field)

I have tried to find some kind of guideline on how to enter a location like this, but have not been able to find anything. I even purchased the Legacy Training Video. No mention of anything like this or other location entry questions I have. 



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I would use two events for this event one for the emigration and include the location of where he left from, in the notes you can include where he was originally from. On his arrival in the US I would use an immigration event and list the port he arrived. In the notes you can include where he was headed for. Just a thought.

Hi Cheri,  I would use two dates, even if it's just days apart, for both emigration and immigration.  There are times that people did a lot of traveling for pleasure, business and lots of other reasons.  Documenting each trip and the ports they left and arrived at whenever possible can be very informative.  

I found pne woman who immigrated to the US from New Zealand with her sister .  She married an American after her immigration.  Soon she went back to her homeland visit her mother who was ill.  She returned to San Francisco with a daughter she'd given birth to while taking care of her mother.  Several years later she took her children and ran away from her husband, ending up back in New Zealand for several years.  Eventually she reconcilled with her husband and returned.  They had one more child here and stayed together until his death.  

Hope this is helpful.




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