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I am putting together a tabled checklist list of tasks which I need to do to keep my Legacy db and software in good condition. I want to include a Task Name/Description, Frequency, and Instructions/Procedure. Some of the things I plan to include are obvious, some are not. So far I'm considering: 

Backup Family File - Before (and/or perhaps after) any changes

Backup Multimedia File - Before (and/or perhaps after) any changes

Back Up Settings -  Before (and/or perhaps after) any changes

Review and Correct Locations in Non-Standard Format - Every 3 months

Review and Fix Potential Problems in List - Monthly

Review Trees found by Tree Finder - Monthly

Perform File Maintenance Check/Repair - Weekly

Review and Merge Duplicate Individuals - Monthly

Archive to Cloud & Media - After Significant Changes but at least Monthly

Please let me know if (and where) such a list already exists, and anything you feel I should include. I'd also appreciate any other comments or suggestions you may have about this idea.


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How do you back up settings?

Hello Dede:

In November 2011, I was told by Legacy Support: "The usr files in the c:\Legacy folder hold your settings and preferences.".  So, I have been backing those up.  

I rarely change the settings. For me, it became a bigger issue for putting Legacy on another PC and recovering from a PC hard disk failure. So, at the time of Legacy's response, I also suggested they include the settings as part of the backup process for the family and multi-media files. Hopefully, they will include that in version 8 (whenever that is) or sooner.

Hope that helps,


Thanks, Ron.  That's exactly what I wanted to know.  I rarely change my settings and I don't like it when they get changed and I don't remember exactly how I had it all set up.  This is great advice.  

I copied your checklist and will make it a part of my routine.  I've been thinking of doing something like this and you helped me get started.




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