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I'm still confused regarding how to use the tagging feature. Could someone describe how they use the feature and how it is helpful?

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as they say, +1 .  I too am interested in this and haven't been able to use/take advantage of it as yet.


I use tagging almost daily.  One fun project that I did recently was to find possible ancestors who may have been on a handcart company or wagon train to Utah.  First, I decided that they had to be in Utah prior to the railroad.  Then, they could not be born west of Missouri.  Finally, they died in Utah.  I tagged everyone born prior to 1869 on Tag1.  Tag2 for birth place west of Missouri (involved tagging all states west of the frontier).  Tag3 for everyone who died in Utah.  Now find everyone with Tag1=tagged, Tag2=untagged, and Tag3=tagged.  Worked great.

Another good example would be to set Tag1 for everyone with a SSDI source citation meaning that I have found them on the Social Security Death Index.  Then Tag2 for everyone who died after 1960 in USA (so they might be in SSDI).  Now set Tag3 for everyone with Tag1=untagged and Tag2=tagged.  Use Tag3 to direct queries on SSDI.

There are many other ways to use tagging in Legacy.  Hope these methods spark your imagination.

Ron Taylor

Just a comment, version 8 when it is released will have 9 tags, instead of three.

I tagged everyone who died in a certain town to create a custom report to take with me on a cemetery search. I have also tagged everyone in a branch of my tree to share with a relative in that branch.

Legacy 7.5 Deluxe has 9 tags already They just don't show on the Person screen. It only shows three.

Saw a screen capture of 8 and it showed all 9 tags visible. Great for those who tag. It is a feature I don't use.

I use tag 1 for Birth record sourced, tag 2 for Death record sourced and tag 9 for cemetery recorded. They are the 3 tags that I have showing and they stay permanently for those uses. Tags 3-8 I use as needed. Tagging makes it easy to create reports when looking for specific individuals. 

When I am visiting cemeteries, I use a report created by finding who lived in the area (tag location) and excluding individuals that are tagged 9 (since I know where they are buried). Now I know who to look for.

 It will be great to be able to see all 9 at once. Will we also be able to see the 9 marriage tags at once? We really have 18 tags available to us.


Thanks everyone for your comments.  I think I can make better use of the tags now.



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