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I know my Edward Kelly (or Kelley) was not the only Kelly in New Jersey in 1820, but they sure have a knack of hiding themselves when you go hunting for them.  No Leprechaun plopped him down on a rock and left him there. 

Do you have any Kelly or Kelley ancestors who came from Ireland and lived in New Jersey in 1820?

Edward Kelly, born in 1820 somewhere in New Jersey

His father was born in Ireland and his mother was born in New Jersey. 

I don't know his parent's first names.

I don't know if he had siblings or their names.

I don't know where in Ireland.

I don't know where he was born in New Jersey.

Yes there is a lot I don't know.

But after 20 years of research, I have a lot I do know, too.

I know he is NOT the Edward Kelly in the 1850 census in Essex, NJ.  He was in Ohio then.

I know where he went when he left New Jersey, that he fought in the Mexican-American War and received land in return.  I know he lived and died in Neptune, Center Twp, Mercer County, Ohio.  He also lived previously in Ross and Fairfield Counties prior to going to Mercer County.  I know his spouses, his children, grandchildren, etc.

Someone, somewhere out there, has to have some Kelly's in New Jersey.  Someone, somewhere out there is looking for us.  Where are you?


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