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If you are researching or interested in Montgomery Co., IN genealogically, please post your queries, family information, any resources you'd like to share and anything else that you feel is applicable to Montgomery Co. here. If you would prefer that your post be viewed by the whole group, post it to the Comment Wall and not here (please don't double post to both places), just keep in mind that posts in the Comment Wall will quickly be buried by new posts...

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My surname for this county is Terry. This family came from Virginia in the 1870s.
any inf on lewis hultz,and hultz member also kennedy and harrington...thank you...linda
My husband and I have so many family names in Montgomery County. Our families came in 1823 and are still there. The best website for Montgomery County history is the Crawfordsville website :, it has actual copies of marriage apps and a newspaper index of all they have in that county on births and marriages and deaths. Another good website is by Karen Zach, my daughter and I helped her with some of the marriages on that site, it is good for the earlier marriages, also has some obituaries on there. I will put down some of my surnames here but I'm sure I'll leave some out as I have so many: David Craig and Jemima Masterson, James Linn and Betsey Chesterson, Richard Breaks and Jane Beard, Ebenezer Jackson and Nancy Chambers, James H. Linn and Ella Skiles, Jacob Coleman and Polly Jacobs, George Stump and Martha Talbot, Andrew Johnson and Matilda Huston all on the 1830 census in Montgomery, In 1840 : Ezekiel Everett and Julia, William Higgason and Sarah, George Byrd and Mary, James Hopper and Harriett Burress, Archelous VanHook and Jemima Whaley, James Chadwick and Peninah Vanhook, Presley Simms and Nancy Bridwell , by 1850 : Thomas Lewellen and Mary Crane, George Grimes and Mary Synder, by 1860 : Hiram Davis and Mary Crutchfield, Curtis Lewis and Charlotte Bennett, by 1880:William T. Fry and Mary Fenner, by 1900: Joseph H. Long and Lucy Conkright, Joshua McCloud and Catherine Morphew, Elmer H. Proctor and Nannie Lewis, Joseph B. Rivers and Emily Sullivan, by 1910: James Powers and Emily Frisby.

I live in this county and have several family surnames from this county. I have found the library in Crawfordsville to be very very helpful and the staff is helpful, too. Some of the names I have been researching on my husband's side are Plunkett, Goben, and Wilhite. That is just for starters. I know that my husbands ancestors came to this area from Kentucky. 



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