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Anybody share this haplogroup?  We have always been told that Luxembourg was our country of origin but it is looking more and more like it is Prussia or somewhere in Germany.  Would love to connect with anyone with this haplogroup but especially anyone with surnames of Welter, Warner, Nuens, Breier or Schuller!

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I'm K1a1b2a. My mother's family is from the town of Lohfelden in Germany--a suburb of Kassel. Her family is also associated with the towns of Fuldabruck and Sohrewald. Her maiden surname is Wenderoth.

Thank you very much for responding!  We will start searching that direction.  This haplogroup is associated with Ashkenazi jewish heritage; we have been Catholic through the generations but this haplogroup along with an antique Hebrew pin have raised some questions.  Have you explored the jewish aspect at all?

Family rumor has it that my mother's great-grandfather (from Metz, France) was Jewish. The last name is Freudenstein, which sounds Jewish to Americans but many non-Jews in Germany have the -stein ending on their surnames. My mother isn't aware of any Jewish heritage on her mother's side. My mother and her sister were raised in the Lutheran church.



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