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looking 4 my great grandparent's parents names she was Louise Dorothy Auguste Brandt. She was born in Hohen-Lubbrichou, Neumark Germany about 75 kilometers from Berlin she was born on the 11 February 1867

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Hi Faith,
First, let me qualify my suggestion. I'm not a German speaker and so rely on dictionaries, Google Translation, Mapquest, etc. in doing my German family research so I may be way off base here but I don't think Hohen-Lubbrichou is a town. From Mapquest, I think it is a mountain (hohen) in Hammelburg, Germany. I checked the library catalog at and they have no records for Hohen-Lubbrichou (or even just Lubbrichou) but they do have microfilms of civil records from 1800-1915 for Hammelburg. So, you might want to rent the microfilm for this area from your local LDS Family History Center, to see if you can find birth or marriage records for your great-grandmother.
Catherine Davis
Hi Catherine I am actually looking for my great great grandparents my great grandmothers name was Louisa Dorothea Auguste Brandt she married Carl Parchert She was born in Neumark Germany 75 kilometers from Berlin she was born on the 11th Feb. 1867.
Sorry, I didn't pay enough attention to the Neumark, but concentrated on Hohen-Libbrichou. I played around a little on the web today and discovered that Neumark was a large area, once in the state of Brandenburg, Germany (which is just north of Berlin), but Neumark is now part of Poland. If you haven't already seen the LDS information on this area, check out,_Brandenburg,... . Along with a brief description of the history of the area, it also gives a list of possible genealogy sites for further research into Neumark families. Also, in case you haven't seen them, there are two interesting articles on Wikipedia: and

There are also currently two towns with the name Neumark, one in Saxony and one in Thuringia, but these are both more than 75 kilometers from Berlin.
thanks for this information Catherine I shall look up these sites u have mentioned and c what there is there Thanks again Faith.



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