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I am searching for other researchers who are researching or know of infomation on the CREUZER family or KORNEMANN families. Alot of the Creuzer came from Marburg, Hessen Germany. The Hedwig Auguste Kornemann came from Cassel born in 1825. All of the Creuzer's in Germany should be all related. My Ferdinand Karl Creuzer married Hedwig Kornemann and then they came to the US. in 1850 living in Monroe Wisconsin.The Creuzer family also married into the Grebe family back in Germany. Hedwig grandmother was Wilhelmine Rodenberger of Rosenthal ,Germany and her mother was Elisabetha Welcker. this I got off Hedwigs daughters birth record. Fredinand Creuzer father was Christian Andreas Creuzer. thank you for help or guidince.


Darlene Alling Creuzer

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Thank You Michael, I have been in contact with Tresa and had provided her with some of that info on the disks. i am hoping to find other infomation that helps expand on this info. Darlene

You may have this, but I just found Christian Andreas Leonhard Creuzer's parents: Jeremias, b. 21 Jan 1724 in Germany (doesn't state where) and Anna Martha Theis (no further information). Looks like Tresa submitted that, too. Have you tried researching through microfilm/fiche? There is a huge number of titles available through the LDS Family History Centres. I looked up Hessen, Germany and this came up:
Germany, Hessen

Germany, Hessen - Archives and libraries
Germany, Hessen - Archives and libraries - Inventories, registers, catalogs
Germany, Hessen - Bibliography
Germany, Hessen - Biography
Germany, Hessen - Census
Germany, Hessen - Centennial celebrations, etc.
Germany, Hessen - Church history
Germany, Hessen - Church history - Sources
Germany, Hessen - Church records
Germany, Hessen - Church records - Inventories, registers, catalogs
Germany, Hessen - Civil registration
Germany, Hessen - Civil registration - Inventories, registers, catalogs
Germany, Hessen - Description and travel
Germany, Hessen - Dwellings
Germany, Hessen - Emigration and immigration
Germany, Hessen - Emigration and immigration - Maps
Germany, Hessen - Encyclopedias and dictionaries
Germany, Hessen - Ethnology
Germany, Hessen - Gazetteers
Germany, Hessen - Genealogy
Germany, Hessen - Genealogy - Bibliography
Germany, Hessen - Genealogy - Collected works
Germany, Hessen - Genealogy - Dictionaries
Germany, Hessen - Genealogy - Indexes
Germany, Hessen - Genealogy - Periodicals
Germany, Hessen - Genealogy - Societies
Germany, Hessen - Genealogy - Societies - Periodicals
Germany, Hessen - Heraldry
Germany, Hessen - History
Germany, Hessen - History - Bibliography
Germany, Hessen - History - Dictionaries
Germany, Hessen - History - Periodicals
Germany, Hessen - History - Sources
Germany, Hessen - Jewish history
Germany, Hessen - Jewish records
Germany, Hessen - Land and property
Germany, Hessen - Maps
Germany, Hessen - Military history
Germany, Hessen - Military records
Germany, Hessen - Minorities
Germany, Hessen - Names, Geographical
Germany, Hessen - Nobility
Germany, Hessen - Nobility - Biography
Germany, Hessen - Nobility - Genealogy
Germany, Hessen - Nobility - Heraldry
Germany, Hessen - Nobility - Manors
Germany, Hessen - Occupations
Germany, Hessen - Officials and employees
Germany, Hessen - Periodicals
Germany, Hessen - Politics and government
Germany, Hessen - Population
Germany, Hessen - Schools
Germany, Hessen - Schools - History
Germany, Hessen - Slavery and bondage

Marburg, Germany came up with:
Bauerbach (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Bauerbach (Kr. Marburg)
Bellnhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Bellnhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Cappel (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Cappel (Kr. Marburg)
Damm (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Damm (Kr. Marburg)
Dreihausen (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Dreihausen (Kr. Marburg)
Erbenhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Erbenhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Fronhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Fronhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Kappel (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Kappel (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Marburg
Michelbach (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Michelbach (Kr. Marburg)
Münchhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Münchhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Oberndorf (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Oberndorf (Kr. Marburg)
Todenhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Todenhausen (Kr. Marburg)
Treisbach (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Treisbach (Kr. Marburg)
Wehrda (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Wehrda (Kr. Marburg)
Wehrshausen (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Wehrshausen (Kr. Marburg)
Winnen (Kr. Marburg)
Germany, Preußen, Hessen-Nassau, Winnen (Kr. Marburg)

It may be worth going into > Library > Library Catalogue > Place search (which is where these came from). It is very inexpensive to hire a film (you barely pay handling fees), and it is amazing just what you find sometimes.

Good luck with the research.
Found Fred C. Creuzer's name in a naturalization index on
Family name: Creuzer
Given name: Fred C.
Address: Monroe
Certificate number (or volume and page): Vol 2, p 354
Title and location of court: Circuit Court, Green Co., WI
Country of birth or allegiance: The Elector of Hesse Cassell
Date and port of arrival in US: x
Date of naturalization: Mar 6, 1860
Name and addresses of witnesses: C. P. Fischer; A___(unreadable) Miller

Source and info on how to obtain the actual record: Selected U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1966 (Indexed in World Archives Project) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors in partnership with the following organizations:
Illinois State Genealogical Society
Polish Genealogical Society of America
Jewish Genealogical Society of Southern Nevada
* Soundex Index to Naturalization Petitions for the District and Circuit Courts, Northern District of Illinois, INS District 9 (which covered northern Illinois, northwestern Indiana, southern and eastern Wisconsin, and eastern Iowa), 1840-1950 (NARA Microfilm Publication M1285, 179 rolls)

For copies of the original file for naturalizations performed in Illinois, write to:
National Archives - Great Lakes Region (Chicago)
7358 South Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60629-5898
Phone: 773-948-9001
Fax: 773-948-9050



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