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Flickr, the photo sharing site,has been the best tool I have found for finding relatives, or them finding me, with photos. I will try to mention some of theups and downs. On the postive, you can set your photos to who can see them, the public or friends and family. I had one photo of a tombstone set to public and a lady in Colorado was doing an internet search on her g grandmothers name and my photo came up. She did not know where she was buried . From there, she sent me photos of a large wall portrait that they had in Colorado ( the person in thephoto lived in Ky) Had it not been for Flickr, this photo of by gg aunt would never have been known. From there, this led to an exchange of more photos. This story has actually been repeated several times from different branches of my tree.
The down side is the public aspect of it. When putting your info in, it will come up in search engines. Once, some fellow stole my photos and tried to pass them off as his own on another site.He even said that he took my photos! But overall, I would have to say that Flickr has been worth it to gain photos I would never have had access to any other way. You can post up to 200 photos for free.

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I post a lot of cemetery photos to and keep the rest of my photos by invitation only.
There are also lots of groups on it for tombstones, etc. as well.
Hi. I have really gotten no feedback on it being hard to use. EVeryone that I know has found it to be really easy. I get several contacts and a lot of then are through posts of cemetery photos. Do you know what problem she was having?
It does sound like she may have not set up a personal account. She would need to do that and they you would add her as a contact. It works well if all have an account. I actually got another contact there this week. It is a decision to allow old family photos to be public, but if you go a long way back, it shouldn't be a problem, but at some point people will search the text.They would probably find your photo through the text that you put with the photo.
My personal feelings on when to post and when not to:
If they are deceased, and the picture is old I feel Ok with it.
If the person is living, and I know they are comfortable with it.
Many people would not want their current photo on, but don't mind if it is a photo of them as a child. On occasion, I post photos with no name attached, but just the familiy line, and those in the family know who it is, and strangers don't. I also struggled with this issue.



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