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I am trying to find my GG Grandfather, Nicholas Bockius in either the 1850 or 1860 census (or both!). In 1847, he lived at 265 Carondelet, and in 1851 he lived at 265 Carondelet. In 1861, he lived on Emmit between Carondelet and Jackson.

I need the census as I am trying to find the name of his step-daughter who lived with him. His wife at that time was named Marie Anna.

Is there a database that lists the census' by address? Any other ideas?

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Hi Katie,

I thought I had a good idea, but doesn't seem to be panning out. I found four names in the 1860 Kennedy's City directory in the exact same area, and thought it would be easy to find at least a couple of them on the census (looked at 1860) but so far no go. Have to stop looking for the moment, but here are the names. Hope this helps! : ) ~ Patti

Bailey Francis, mate, r. Emmet b. Jackson and Carondelet Av
Dejon Rupert, carpenter, r. Es. Emmet b. Carondelet Av. and Jackson
Deon George, bricklayer, R Emmet b. Jackson and Carondelet
Fisher George, mason, r. Emmet b. Jackson and Carondelet Av

This directory lists Gracay George, lab., (at) r. 265 Carondelet Av. so I'd imagine he was on Emmet by then and should be with these 'guys' on the census!
An update;
Patti e-mailed me that he lived at 135 Carondelet in the Kennedy's 1860 directory.

I will also mention that he and his wife are both from Germany, and by 1860, he had 3 living children: Nick, Joseph (or John) and Margaret (Maggie).

I really appreciate any and all help!
Thank you to Patti who was able to find Bockius and his family in the 1860 census. Unfortunately, it appears that his step-daughter had moved out by that time. Still looking for the 1850 census.



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