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When do you tend to be able to carve out the most time to work on your research?
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall?
Weekdays or weekends?
Days or evenings?

Is it a challenge to make the time, or are you one who has a scheduled time that you're committed to?

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Daphne, I remember those days several years ago! But it's sure nice to have something fun you can sneak in here and there. Love your honesty :-)
Most evenings, I have replaced watching TV with research. My kids are teens so once they are done their activites for the day the evenings are usually mine.
Lynn - And genealogy is so much better for your brain than TV :-) When my kids hit their teens my research definitely benefited.

And Daphne, you have that to look forward to!
Evenings and weekends I can usually squeeze in some time. My son starts college in 25 days so I am expecting to have more time to devote to this time-consuming hobby!
Jenna, my middle and youngest daughters are both heading off to college in 2 weeks - maybe we'll both get a little more done soon! It's nice to have something fun to do with an empty nest looming.
I work at day and have some free time at night. I guess I have the best of both worlds at night and can watch/listen to something on TV and work on my family stuff on my laptop. So I guess that means I probably do some work almost every night.
I do a lot of on-line research in the evenings but working full time makes it difficult to research in the "field." I have a long To-Do list of research items I need to tackle at the University library (microfilm newspapers), historical society library (local history books, surname index, city directories, etc.), and Family History Center (lots of films to order). I try to make one or two field trips a month but even that schedule can be hard to maintain. Ah well, that's why it is such a great hoby, it sure keeps you busy!
I totally agree with you Victor - one of genealogy's strength is that you really can't run out of things to do! You sound pretty organized with your to-do list.
Organized! Ha Ha Ha. You should see my desk. I have actually used some of your tips for getting my computers files organized but I am forever looking for that lost piece of paper that I know I placed on my desk. Or was the in a notebook. No, it was in a file folder. No, I will just print out another copy...
Honestly, my genealogy gets done whenever I find time... I too work full time, have a one-year-old at home and have an extended family that always needs something done... Usually, my genealogy research gets done late at night (if I don't fall asleep on the keyboard). =)

p.s., in the June Podcast when you responded to listener email, your daughter did in fact pronounce my last name correct. Thanks... =)

Eric Gomes
Research has taken a backseat in the past few years. However, I do get some time in the evening after my son has gone to bed. And I have been trying to incorporate some family history into family activities, such as cemetery walking. Last summer my husband and took my son and step son on a trip to Crawford County, Indiana where we walked to cemeteries. We played "who can find the oldest tombstone game"! They were both really impressed with some of the stone carvings and the fact that they were related to half of the cemetery! Make it fun and the kids will follow.
I don't have much time for genealogy, except for winter time, right after football. That's when I sign up for ancestry and another site and hit it hard for about 2 months.



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