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Why not?  Start with the Surname, please in CAP'S then place, then just transcribe it.  Would be helpful I spent 2 weeks looking for a guy, who's name was spelled a million different ways, it would have been helpful to have it on here. So I'm going to add it.  Good luck every one.

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GRUNDMANN, Melbourne Australia. 16 May 1924, Homes for the Aged, Royal Park, Victoria. Frederick Grundmann miner. Male 79 years. Cause of Death Myocarditis 3 weeks, Dr Stephens. Father Conrad Grundmann farmer, mother not known. Born in Germany, been in Victoria 64 years. When and where married Bright 22 years Ellen McCarthy. Issue from Marriage Mary deceased, Lou(illegible)not known, Eugene not known, Christina deceased, Hannah not known. Certificate Registration Number 1924/4401
GRUNDMANN, Chiltern, Victoria, Australia. Grundmann, Ellen, 6 March 1917, Bourke Street Chiltern. Female 73 years. Cause of Death Coma, Apoplexy for 3 days, Dr Hoskin attended 3 March 1917. Parents John McCarthy Salesman and Mary McCarthy maiden name O'Sullivan. Person giving information Frederick Grundman husband. Buried 8 Mar 1917 Chiltern NEW Cemetery (no headstone in 2010). When and where born Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. How long in Victoria 53 years. When and Where married Bright 23 years Frederick Grundmann. Issue from the marriage Mary deceased, Louisa 48 years, Eugene 45 years, Hannah 40 years, Christina (illegible).
HAYWARD, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Hayward, Georgina, 22 Jan 1958 Prince Henry's Hospital, South Melbourne (no longer standing). Female 70 years old. Usual Residence 24 Thanet Street, Malvern. Cause of Death Pulmonary embolus - minutes, anemia and congestive failure months. Attending Dr S Gold. Parents names George Denman and Elizabeth Jane Denman formerly Lawrence. Where and when buried, cremated at Springvale Crematorium. Where and when born how long in Victoria, Carlton 70 years. Marriages 1st marriage - James William Victor Graham 22 years Port Melbourne Issue James Wiliam Preston 48 years, Alice Elizabeth deceased, Ivy May 44 years, Hugh Gordon 42 years, Angus Hamilton 39 years, George Raymond 37, Georgina 35, Maud 44, Malcolm 31. SECOND marriage Edwin Winifred Hayward, no issue she married him at age 70.
trying to just add the file, will see how we go.
ok so in this bit put the name in caps as stated and the location, and then just Upload files via the link below, very quick, although with certs with multiple listings on one page, could you name all the deaths listed, thanks.
DENSLEY, Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia also the follwing people
RICHARDSON, John Blunder
MOYLE, Samuel Charles Cudlip
DENSLEY, Bridget nee Smith
KEMP, no name, infant
FITZGERALD, no name, infant
EDEY, Catherine nee Davis died 1875 Eummemmerang, Victoria, Australia no other entries on this one.
EDEY, Isaac in 1886 at Dandenong, Victoria, Australia
FLOATE, Charles Norman, 1974 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
FLOATE, Olive Florence nee Marhsall, 1970, Williamstown North, Victoria, Australia
FULLER, William Jubilee 1969 Footscray, Victoria, Australia
FRANKLIN, Louise Elizabeth, 1970, Sunshine, Victoria, Australia



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