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I'm looking for any information regarding the following individuals:

Thomas Evans b1851 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire,England.  In 1881 he was a carpet weaver and lived at 8 Cross st. in Kidderminster.  He died may 20, 1927 in Worcester, MA.  His wife was

Hannah Maria Moule b1851 in Kidderminster, died Jan 9, 1918 in Worcester, MA.  They married Dec 1870 in Halifax, England.  They had four children.

Ellen Evans b1871 in Halifax, York, England and died in Worcester, MA

Harry Evans b1878 in Kidderminster

Frederick Evans b1880 in Kidderminster and is burried in (Auburn, Ma)??- we think

John Thomas Evans b1872 in Kidderminster - Jan 18, 1937 in Worcester, MA.  Burried in Hope Cem, Worcester,MA.  He married

Elizabeth A. McKenzie b1872 Kidderminster- July 13, 1928 in Worcester, MA.  Burried in Hope Cem.

They had four children.

Harry Evans b in Philadelphia, PA.

Elizabeth Evans b in Philadelphia, PA and diedJuly 10, 1928

Mary Evans who married Walter Beams

John Evans Nov 7, 1895 in Philadelphia, Pa -Mar 12, 1961 Worcester, MA, burried in Hope Cem.

He was married on May 7,1921 to

Viola Delisle Oct 14, 1900 Worcester, MA-Feb 26, 1969 Worcester, MA, burried in Hope Cem. They had two sons.

Thomas Alan Evans 1923-2001 (my grandfather)

John Donald Evans Jan 20, 1926 Worcester, MA - Apr 14, 1987 Shrewsbury, MA.  He married a Marion   and had two sons

John Thomas Evans

Richard Dennis Evans


Any info would be appreciated

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